accepting your body

Accepting your body the way it is


With the pandemic, I gained 10 kg. From working out 5 times a day at a studio I started the home workout life and banana bread every day. I kept telling myself we are all in this together it is just a short time I deserve those extra calories. Food became a stress reliever for me and I kept eating those carbs. I stopped wearing jeans and nice tops and bought a matching sweatsuit that was my uniform for a year. I slowly saw myself gain weight and thought home workouts aren’t working and gave them up.

Accepting your body even when it changes

When I tried my old clothes I had no idea how much weight I had gained and it was a real shock. I couldn’t let go of the clothes though. Every time I went out even though I knew I didn’t fit it into the clothes I tried them and then felt bad. It was as if I thought my body was made to fit into these clothes. Me not being able to fit into small felt like a failure. My stomach sticked out, things didn’t go down my chest, and then when the clothes went down it was hard to take them off.

That is when I realized that these man-made clothes where someone artificially decided a size doesn’t mean anything. So, what if I don’t fit into small how is that an indicator of anything. Someone, super-fit also might not fit into small because of their muscles. A size was just a size and not something my whole identity depended on.

Clothes size don’t define you

That’s when I took the leap and kept those clothes away. I couldn’t part with them yet I wasn’t ready and it is okay to do things in parts. Whoever tells you they achieved something overnight is a lie. Everything is a process and well accepting your new weight and being confident in that isn’t any different.

When I ordered the new wardrobe that fit me I felt like a new person. It was okay I had moved to medium. Trying to fit into small when I was a medium was what was keeping me down. Putting those clothes away was like a breath of fresh air. I looked at the mirror and felt great. If you are like me and feeling bad about clothes not fitting you have a talk with yourself. It is just cloth they were made for you not the other way round. Your body is a temple whatever shape or size it is. You look great! So change that size. We have been conditioned to believe a certain size is the right size but that isn’t true.

Let go of your old clothes and accepting your body

In the previous clothes, it was a struggle to put on and in these ones, I looked great. As time passed by the other clothes remained in my closet. I kept telling myself the pandemic is temporary I might become that size. Soon, I realized that closet was a dead weight I was carrying. I had spent money on that closet. Chosen everything and I was attached to the clothing. I didn’t just want to throw those clothes away. So, I gave them to people who I knew would value them and it was a great joy. So, don’t just throw those clothes away there are people that will appreciate them.

Now, I am on a journey to become fit. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t accepting of my body it is more for health purposes. I feel my muscles growing but that doesn’t mean my arms are going to go throw the small size and that is okay. I have accepted this new me and the changes it has brought. I value exercising and it changes my day and I have added that to my life forever. Eating healthy is important to me because I don’t want to be 50 and pay for the mistakes I am making at this age. Your body gives you what you put in. So strive to do the best but what clothes size you fit in doesn’t define you. Start your journey on accepting your body and loving it!

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