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The pandemic made us stay at home for so long that we forgot what it was like to wear bras. Now that we are back into the real world it’s hard to go back into the confines of a padded bra. That is where the bralette comes in. It’s a sexy mix of sufficient and comfortable. So let’s further discuss the question are bralettes good!

Now I am a psychopath who probably for a very long time slept with their bra on. When I stopped sleeping with a bra it was like my boobs could finally feel free. Now with sitting at home and getting rid of the padded bra completely I first switched to a sports bra.

Are bralettes good

Different types of bras

Sports bras

Sports bras are comfortable and you are always ready for exercise. Usually, sports bras have a very thick strap, no hook at the back, and they kind of make you look flat. So they aren’t ideal for making your boobs look perky as we all strive to achieve. I do still wear sports bras because they are comfortable and well I have a lot of them and I do want to exercise 5 times a week.

Stick ons

In the middle, I had a phase of just stickies. But there is something weird about just wearing silicon jelly. Is it unhygienic? How often do you replace it? Now I still do wear them but every day, it can get a bit weird.

Are bralettes good? – the ultimate question

But now I have made a shift to bralettes. They are a complete game-changer. You don’t feel like you are being caged into a bra and your boobs still look good. Now if you are someone who needs the support these might not be ideal to wear outside but you can still lounge in them. If you are someone like me with medium-sized boobs you can probably get away with wearing them anywhere.

You don’t need to wear grandma-style bralettes. Bralettes can actually be very sexy. Buy some lace bralettes they look nice and feel comfortable. It is a win-win situation and the way to go. Wear matching underwear and feel sexier!

Where to find a good Bralette

Now wear to find good bralettes becomes the question! You don’t need to go to stores like Victoria’s Secret you can shop basically anywhere.

My go to bralette places are Aerie, Aritizia and RW &Co.

Bralettes are actually cheaper than bras and you can shop on sale. The sizing can be confusing but you mainly only have small, medium, and large to choose from. Some websites have a size chart. You can go with whatever size you wear in a sports bra.

Bralettes are like wearing no bra but having enough coverage that your nipples don’t show (now I am all for free your boobs but I also don’t feel comfortable doing that outside the vicinity of the house). So, bralettes are the perfect compromise. Style meets comfort.

You can go completely basic, lace, a little padded, and a mixture of all that. They are usually sexy enough that you can wear something and give a sneak peek of them and get away with that!

Are bralettes good for you?

Now going without a bra can be good. “Going braless can actually strengthen the pectoral muscles in the chest to help support the breasts, ultimately giving them improved muscle tone and breast shape.” However there isn’t enough science to prove this as some say wearing a bra can give you the support and keep your boobs up and you need that. So bralette is perfect because its a mix of the two.

If you do have saggy boobs it might not be able to provide the lift of a push up bra so it might not be for you. But if your boobs can stand on their two feet why not let them? Build that muscle!

The basic

   At Aritizia 

The padded

  At Aerie 

The lace

 At RW & Co

You feel less stressed when you aren’t constricted by your bra.

So what’s your preferred underwear to wear? Or are you a more of a free the boob kind of gal?

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