Are you ready for a serious relationship with him?


People say ‘ you know when you know’ but if you haven’t had that feeling it is hard to know whether you are ready for a serious relationship, moving in, or marriage. There are some things you should look for that don’t have to do with your feelings.

When we are in love we get blinded and everything seems perfect. We overlook basic things that are needed in a happy relationship. So let’s reflect on the basic things to see if you are ready to be in a serious relationship.

Because when the honeymoon phase dies and reality hits you still want to be with the person.

Are you ready for a serious relationship?


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How do you communicate? Are you able to tell your partner what is on your mind or do you see yourself hiding things? Being someone else for the rest of your life is hard so if you find it hard to communicate with your partner that is not something that you can keep going on forever. Are you both able to express things to each other. Now, of course, not everyone is as good at communication but is it something you both are working on? Is it going in the right direction?

Something you have to understand in a relationship is that no one can read someone else’s mind. It takes effort to communicate and learn each other’s styles. You might want to talk it out as soon as the fight happens and the other person might want to wait and take a breather. It’s all about compromise.

Style of fighting

How are you both with each other when you fight? If every fight of yours is an explosion where you both are verbally abusive to each other then you know that is a red flag. Fighting is okay and in every relationship but there is something such as healthy fighting. Where you hear your partner out, listen, apologize and try to improve the relationship.

Think of the last few fights you had with your partner how were they resolved? Do you think the pattern of fighting was healthy or unhealthy? Think about it as if your best friend is telling you about the fight would you have still thought of it as healthy?

Think about the worst fight you have had? How was it have resolved? Now it could be that your fights used to be bad and they have improved. You can analyze the relationship by the improvements. If you both are constantly working on your relationship it’s a good thing.

Are you willing to compromise

ready for a serious relationship

In today’s world, we are made to think we are the center of the earth. Everything is about only you. But that isn’t true when it comes to a relationship. A relationship is all about compromise. You won’t get everything so you have to choose your battles and take the other person’s needs into consideration. Are you willing to compromise for your partner? Is your partner willing to compromise for you?

Compromise isn’t considering settling. Find out more about the importance of comprising in a relationship.

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