At home date night ideas that are super fun


If you live in Canada it is probably super cold outside and you don’t feel like making date night outside. Living through the pandemic has made us more comfortable with staying at home. Whether you want to stay in for dates to save money or you enjoy it we have the best ideas so you don’t have to step outside. Your home dates don’t always have to end up in Netflix and Chill. We will help you think outside the box so you can have a blast with at home date night ideas.

At Home Date Night Ideas

Making Pizza

Cooking together on a date just has a special feeling to it. You don’t have to make something fancy you can go as low-key as making pizza. Part of the fun is buying the ingredients together. So hit up your local grocery store. Buy the pizza naan, sauce, and shredded cheese. I like to put Jalapeno and Mushrooms on my Pizza. If you like to put more effort into your cooking you can make the sauce and bread from scratch but I am all about efficiency (with the most fun value of course). Does a tomato pizza sound boring? You can go for pesto sauce or white sauce as the base. Keep a few toppings so you can design half the pizza and your date can put the toppings on the other side. See whose pizza side turns out better ( I always love a little competition).

Other ideas for cooking together can be Pasta, Steak, or well try something completely different and make some Thai Curry.

If you want to try a new cuisine together I suggest Korean BBQ

Brunch it up

Somehow when you call something brunch it sounds fancier. Make pancakes together don’t forget to add some chocolate chips to make it more fun.


Cooking is not the only fun thing to do you can bake together. My go-to is definitely banana bread since it easy and tasty!

Making cocktails or mocktails

At home date night ideas

The sound of a good drink makes my mouth water. My favourite drink to make is mint lemonade. You can add alcohol to it and make it a Margarita. If you have been watching Sweet Magnolia and see them sipping Margaritas and get tempted you are not alone. It just looks so good so make that for a date.

You can make the whole night a theme night by making it Tacos and Margarita night. Making tacos is super easy and get inspired by our Burrito bowl recipe but just taco shells instead. You can go soft shell or hard shell, in the end, it is all about that Chiptole Sauce.

Game night

Plan some games out for both of you. You can buy a book of word puzzles and see who solves it faster. If you aren’t feeling that play a card game.

Play the date night game

If you are looking for a fun game try asking your partner date night questions. You can buy free games like the 36 questions to fall in love. If you want Amazon sells date night questions that are backed by Psychology.


Just put on some music and let loose. Put on some fun club-like songs and create your own club. If you feel like making it extra special you can buy some disco lights.

If you can’t just let loose and dance you can follow a video on Youtube.

Watch a comedy show

This is going back to Netflix but not watching a movie. Watch a comedy special and laugh together. Watching a comedy special with someone else just makes it more fun. My suggestions are Trevor Noah, Hassan Minhaj, or Ali Wong.

Make a puzzle

Get together and make a puzzle. You can also buy a customized puzzle with a picture of both of you together and make that.

Have Paint Night

paint night date

Buy two canvases and some acrylic paint and just start painting. If you have no idea what to paint here are so many Youtube videos that show you how to paint things just search paint night.

Love letters exchange

Write down love letters to each other and then read them to each other. Writing down things makes it so much more romantic and then the person can take them home and have them forever

Read to each other

Buy a book of short stories and read it to each other. It sounds weird and first but it can be so fun just try it out! You can read a romantic book. Choose something you both would be interested in though! Your date can read one page and you can read one page.

Make a Tiktok

Follow a Tiktok trend and make it together. Practicing the move and recording it can be super fun. Who knows you might get lots of views.

Movie Night with a Twist

Don’t have a plain old movie night instead plan it properly. Make it like you are going to the cinema. Get the popcorn, coke, and nachos, or whatever your cinema experience involves. Get cozy together!

If you feel like spending money rent or buy a small projector and watch a movie in your backyard

Candlelight dinner

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you have to have a boring dinner. Set the place up and set up a table in the garden or balcony. Make it special by putting up flowers and candles.

Karaoke night

Try singing together! Although this would terrify me if I was on a date so I would probably skip this even though it is my suggestion.

Plant something together

Get out there in the garden and put some seeds for a plant. The plant can grow with your relationship. Doesn’t that sound romantic.

Write down your bucket list

Write down 20 things you want to do in your life together. Later you guys can help each other achieve those things.

Do the love languages quiz

Find out what your love languages are this can help you in your relationship so not only it is a fun date it has some value in it. While you are at it you can even understand what type of attachment you and your partner have.

Spa date

Buy sheet masks, cucumbers, and some oil and have a spa date. You can give each other massages and then put a sheet mask on yourself. This can be so relaxing after a hard week and it is such a cheap date. Who needs the expensive spa when you have your date.

Comment below and let us know of your recommendations for at home date night ideas.


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