Beating the Monday blues and starting your week fresh


Is it really Monday again? The stress builds up and your stomach starts to hurt you don’t want to work again. Same thing all over again! Everything you said bye to on Friday is back at you with a storm. All the work you left on Friday is out to get you! Is that the dread that comes to your mind when it is a Monday? That is what Monday blues are all about and lots of us go through this.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way! Monday doesn’t have to be the worst day of the week. We have built this all up in our head and it is something we can change. We learned this Monday hate and we can unlearn it.

beating the Monday blues

Beating the Monday blues – Let’s change our perspective

Monday is a fresh start

Monday doesn’t have to come with the feeling OMG another week. It is a new fresh start. Just like a new morning it is a beginning. You can accomplish anything you want and have a go at it again. What do you want to accomplish with your fresh start?

Let your Monday mantra be IT IS A NEW BEGINNING.


Don’t start your Monday morning with screen time. Is the first thing you do look at your WhatsApp message? Thats what I would do check my emails and messages. That is too much information coming to your brain very fast. Don’t let that be the way you wake up. Put your phone on Sunday night on airplane mode. Then when you wake up you will have no messages. Leave it that way for at least half an hour. Waking up to messages can add stress to your life. Your body needs a bit of relaxation the first thing in the morning.

When you wake up in the morning your brain goes from deep sleep ‘Delta waves’ into Theta waves for daydreaming. Theta waves are known for being malleable and changeable which is the ideal way to wake up.  But when you use your phone straight away you switch into ‘Alert mode.’ Watching news straight away puts you into stress mode. So for the first half an hour of your day stay away from the phone and ease into everything. If you start your day right it can set the mood for the whole week.

Wake up early

Don’t wake up 5 minutes work on a Monday. Wake up an hour before and start of your week right. I like to get up half an hour early. The brush my teeth, wash my face and change. I then go have a glass of hot water to begin my day. If you have time sit outside and enjoy the sunlight. There is nothing like the sunshining on your face to uplift your mood. Take your time have breakfast. Don’t be in a rush.

Small goals

Don’t start off with the biggest project you have in the morning. Instead, set up a small goal for Monday morning so you can feel like you achieved something. That can boost up your day and the week. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment early on.

Mondays don’t suck

The more you tell yourself OMG it is Monday! Monday sucks the more it will happen. It is like self fulfilling prophecy if you anticipate something is going to happen you create that reality. I mean of course some days will suck and you should feel those feels. But it has come to this point where we have created this reality where we believe MONDAYS HAVE TO SUCK! So let’s change that and create a new reality for ourselves. It is going to take some work getting rid of that years of conditioning that told us Mondays suck.

We don’t need to be living for Friday

Is our only purpose every week to just live for Friday. Monday to Thursday are just a waste? That can’t be true. Let’s stop wasting those days. Do things on the week days it can be as simple as enjoying your relaxing hobby. But don’t hype up the weekend as if that is your only purpose. Learn to enjoy the small moments that Monday to Thursday bring. So what is your Monday after work activity going to be?

Exercise helps beating the Monday blues

There is no other mood booster like exercise. However, grumpy I am I get to the first 10 minutes of my exercise and something changes. I admit it is hard to get on the mat but once I’m there I feel the difference and so can you. if you start your Monday with some exercise it can be a game changer. Now I am not saying get up at 5 am and start jogging. it can just be a 10 minute stretch that you want to start with.


We don’t realise the importance of humour and smiling. Do things that would make you smile or laugh. You can even fake it until you make it to change those Monday blues.

Comment below and let us know what your Monday routine is like! Let’s change the dialogue to Monday is a great day to start an amazing week! 

Beating the Monday blues is possible!



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