best dating ideas

Best Dating Ideas


Now with vaccines rolling out, we can finally go back to normal dating. Or at least make an attempt to date like we used to. So let’s discuss dating ideas for where to go on dates and where to find people to date.

Dating ideas the ultimate guide

Finding a date

It has become hard to meet people in the real world and so the go-to has become online apps. For me personally, I think Hinge is the best app as it makes you give information and has serious people. But choose your app based on what you are looking for.

There are ways to date without the app. Now you can’t go to a club or a bar and meet someone. But dogs make good wingmen. And a lot of people have gotten dogs in the pandemic. So take your dog on a walk and strike up a conversation with another cute dog owner.

Dating ideas for the first date – where to go?

For first dates go to a place where if you want to leave in less than an hour you can dip. So don’t go for dinner. Instead, choose to go for drinks or coffee. Now that the weather is good again patios have started opening.

You also want to avoid something like a movie for the first date as it doesn’t allow for an opportunity to get to know someone.


Appetizers and drinks on a patio sound amazing don’t they. Go on a date and then if it goes well you can take a stroll around the block. I suggest not to make the first date more than 2 hours because you want to leave some room for longing. The desire to know more keeps people attracted.

Bubble Tea

If you don’t want to spend too much and want to keep the date cute but cheap go for bubble tea. Who doesn’t love bubble tea? If you found someone that doesn’t well that’s an indicator of the person (just kidding).

Ice cream

Warm weather calls for a stroll with a scoop of ice cream. Get to know someone over a walk in the park with your favourite ice cream. The date can be as long as you want it to be.

Try out an activity

It is fun to get to know someone over an activity. Why not go for a bowling date. You can get some food, bowl and build some competition. If you don’t know how to bowl that is okay I am sure your date can show you some moves. Even if you both are bad you can laugh about it. Other activities that can be done are shooting range, driving range, and if it is open in an area near you axe throwing.

Depending on where you live and restrictions choose an activity. My go to is an arcade as you can play lots of games and get competitive. But might not be open everywhere.

Park dates

My favourite thing about summer is going to the park. Just lying around. So why not have a picnic date in the park. You can pick up some food (something easy like pizza or sandwiches). Take it to the park and chill for a bit.


Having a good view makes anything better. So take your date to a lakeside area and have a picnic there. Want to add an activity to that you can do some biking.

Mini Golf

This is another thing that might not be open yet where you live but playing mini-golf with someone is an amazing idea. Again there is an activity so it makes it easier to talk about things.

Dating ideas that aren’t for the first date

Treetop trekking

I like trying new things with dating. That way if the person sucks I can still enjoy the experience. If you haven’t tried treetop trekking try it. It isn’t that much talking and can be a bit of a solo sport but it is fun.


Go to an area that has a lot of stars. Get a mat and lay down. Just star into the stars. Is there anything more romantic than that?


bon fire dating idea

Make a bonfire at a park and chill around it. You can roast some smores and share campfire stories.

Go camping

If you have known the person for a bit go camping with them. You can then do a bonfire, stargazing, hiking and so much more.


Get a two people kayak and paddle away. Stop in the middle and you can have a beer. If you prefer canoeing or paddle boating you can do that as well. Anything on the water is enjoyable


Why not go to a vineyard together and try out some wine.


Make it a beach day and swim in the water. Not into swimming? Walking on the sand and dipping your feet into the water is romantic enough.


Go to a national park or peak and hike. Doing things that are active is fun.

Play a sport

Basketball can be a fun sport to play on a date. Think of other sports that can be played with two people. Tennis is one that comes to my mind. Or if you want you can even go to a batting cage.

Cook with your date

You don’t have to make something complicated but just going to the grocery together and buying the ingredients. Then making a dish together can be amazing. Don’t really know how to cook? Make something simple like pizza. Buy pepperoni, jalapeno, cheese, pizza sauce, and pizza bread.

Wrap up

You can make anything fun. The first date doesn’t need to be somewhere fancy. You can keep it simple. Now don’t suggest going to Starbucks for the date because you want to put some effort into it. But that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Just a little thought goes a long way.

So, have you been talking to someone? Ask them out on a date and suggest one of these ideas. Your date will appreciate the thought you have put into it even if it is something like going for ice cream.


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