Best destinations for bachelorette parties


Did you have to postpone your wedding because of the pandemic? Now that it is finally here you want to celebrate with a big bang and that includes the bachelorette party. There is something different about going on vacation as a bachelorette. It all changes after the wedding. You aren’t going to have this time with your friends where everyone is available and ready to come again. So make the most of it and have a blast. To have a blast well you need the ideal location and we have ideas that will get your hands moving fast to buying your ticket. We have got you when it comes to best destinations for bachelorette parties.

For North Americans, the best idea might be an all-inclusive. It is cheap and well more people will be willing to come if it is close by. Mexico and Punta Cana would be the best destinations. Bachelorette Party is like a spring break on steroids.

If you are looking for more of an adventure trip than a party trip, Costa Rica might be ideal. With great hikes, volcanoes, beaches, ziplining and white water rafting Costa Rica is a great place for those looking for an adventure.

Destinations for Bachelorette Parties

Las Vegas

party in vegas

They say New York doesn’t sleep but Vegas might be the city that actually doesn’t sleep. Or they sleep in daylight who knows? If you are looking for boozy brunches, swimming parties, late-night parties, real money games and gambling well no further than Vegas. Honestly, I have never stayed up as late in a place as I did in Vegas. My trip to Vegas wasn’t a Bachelorette Party but it could have been. The best musicians come to Vegas and you can book a ticket fairly easily from a promoter. If you aren’t into concert clubbing then there are other clubs too. After-hours clubs are also there and restaurants are open to eat at after (because we all love a late-night binge even if it is McDonald’s). When you walk at 5 am in Vegas on the road you will think it’s midnight that’s how lit the scene is out there.

I am a nature gal so I added seeing Grand Canyon on my trip as well and you can do that well. There are so many great hotels in Vegas you could have your whole Bachelorette Party in the hotel and wouldn’t have to leave. Whether it is Wynn, The Venetian, Bellagio, Aria, Planet Hollywood, or the Cosmopolitan you will have a great time. Make sure to book a hotel on the strip so you are close to everything else. If you live in North America Vegas is probably your cheapest, most convenient, and most fun bet. Live a weekend your friends will remember forever! Don’t be shocked if you crash into another Bachelorette Party. Vegas is the place everyone goes to celebrate.

New Orleans

Mardi Gras is on my bucket list for sure. If you can get your Bachelorette Party there that would be party heaven. Of course, this is only if you want to party like crazy at your Bachelorette Party. I don’t think anyone shows up like New Orleans does when it comes to partying.


This might seem like a random place to go on a Bachelorette but Montreal has one of the best partying to offer in North America. It also has one of the best male strip clubs. St Laurent Blvd
has the best clubs to go to including Apartment 200. Or hit up Old Montreal Velvet club. Other areas are St-Denis street. It is just clubs, clubs on clubs.

Palm Springs

There is nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub and swimming pool to get the Bach party started. Everyone deserves a relaxing weekend in Palm Springs. There are cute restaurants everywhere and you feel like you are in a place of luxury. Spend the day relaxing in the pool and at night hit up downtown to check out some bars. You can even party in the house because the villas in Palm Spring are amazing.

Places to check out

  • So.Pa is the perfect restaurant for the palm spring vibes. It has an outdoor patio with the heater. The food is pretty good from the fish, duck to  the ribs. I tried a bit of everything on the menu and I would say the duck legs and trout were the best. The trout if fresh and flavourful. The duck on the other hand is fried and well I am a fan of everything fried. You can really taste the flavour in the duck.
  • Farm
  • Tac/Quila
  • Colony Club Restaurant – Fish and Buger are great! The Butterscotch pudding is also tasty.

Let’s get outside of North America For destinations for Bachelorette Parties

Now North America is nice but there might be places outside that are ideal and will make you feel like a boss on your Bachelorette trip.


best destinations for bachelorette party

The land of the massages. Just getting a massage on massage can be the ideal thing for a Bachelorette trip. Start your vacation in Bangkok so your girls can get their spa treatments and shopping done. Malls like MBK will provide great deals on clothes and is airconditioned (clothes in Bangkok are cheaper than in Koh Samui). You can go to Bazars but make sure the heat doesn’t get to you. On every corner, there is coconut water so make sure to get some in. Bangkok has great rooftop bars and clubs if you want to party in a city.

From Bangkok get a flight to Koh Samui. Koh Samui has the best beaches and from your hotel, the access will be relatively quiet. Make sure to get a hotel with a pool so then you can go for the sea to the pool and well rotate all day. I stayed in Novotel and it provided just that. The town from Novotel was around 20 minutes away and we went at night. The town has great bars. The best one being a beach bar Ark bar. It has a fire show at night and who doesn’t want to dance on the beach. It is probably the best spot to hit in Koh Samui. Food anywhere is great and you will leave wanting more Thai Food.

Koh Samui is less crowded than its counterpart Phuket and is cleaner as well. Phuket however has the advantage that you can go on daily boat trips to small islands and enjoy yourself there. The great thing about Thailand is that massages are for 20 dollars, food is for under 10, and partying is cheap as well. You won’t be spending that much daily. The annoying thing might be that you might have to bargain sometimes (try it though I promise it can be fun).


You might be wondering if a Muslim country for a Bachelorette is a weird choice? But Turkey isn’t a modern Muslim country. It is a mix of Asia and Europe which gives you the best the world has to offer. You can roam around with a beer in your hand or visit a mosque it is completely up to you. Istanbul has a great party scene from rooftop bars like 360, Ulus, and Monkey. Or go to a club at Ruby.

For me, I like to visit local bars like La Fee in the Tomtom area to get a feel of what the locals do instead of going to the posh clubs. But Istanbul has it all for the partying scene. You might have to use google translate to talk but it can be kind of fun. You can take the Bosporus cruise as well and chill on the water. Get all your shopping done in Istanbul as in the other towns it might only be copies of high-end brands and tourist traps.

For the beach part of your vacation head over to areas like Bodrum or Antalya. Antalya is more commercial and if you want to party it might be the better bet. Bodrum is quieter but has beautiful sea views. I recommend wherever you go to rent a boat for the day and check out different bays. Taking a dip in the ocean just feels different in Turkey.

End the vacation in Cappadocia in a hot air balloon. Make sure you book in advance. Even if you don’t get on the hot air balloon just looking at that view from down balloon can be breathtaking.

Want to know more about Turkey? We have blogs on what to do in Bodrum and what to do in Istanbul. Check them out now so you can start planning your visits to the best destinations for bachelorette parties.


When talking about Bachelorettes don’t miss out on Croatia. It might be a small country but the party scene is wild. You can bar hop every bar in Croatia for 20 euro packages and end up at a beach party at night. I would recommend having your Bachelorette in Split and visiting the smaller islands as day trips.


Did someone say white walls and blue waters? Greece is a picture-perfect place. Skip out on expensive islands like Mykonos and Santorini and visit Naxos, Paros, and Crete. You won’t get the expensive rates and they won’t be flooded like Mykonos and Santorini.


I mean there is a song called I took a pill in Ibiza for a reason. Ibiza is the party capital of Spain and you might want to hit it up. It is expensive though be pre-warned.


Again might make you want to go like really is that one the best destinations for a Bachelorette Party? But Vietnam is a cute country with the perfect amount of history, beaches, and parties. It is a backpacker’s dream and it is also great for Bachelorette Parties. Hoi An, Ho Chi Min and Da Nang are your spots.

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