best halal restaurants in Toronto

Best halal restaurants in Toronto every foodie should try

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It can be difficult finding Halal food in Toronto. You want to eat good food but you don’t always want to to settle for vegetarian or seafood. Well don’t fret anymore you have come to the right place we are going to list the Best Halal restaurants in Toronto.

Best halal restaurants in Toronto

Sukho Thai

This is by far the best halal restaurant. It has Thai food as good as Pai, Khao San Road, or Sabia Sabai. It gives you a taste of t=Thai food and it is halal. Things you need to try on the menu include their Pai Thai, Cashew Nut Chicken, Red Curry, and Green curry. They have three locations Wellington location, Dundas West location, and Front Street East location. All of them have Halal food.

This is probably the best out of the restaurants to plan a nice dinner at.

Want Thai food but rather just make it at home? We have a Red Curry recipe just for you!

Chotto Matte

Known for its Sunday and Saturday rainforest brunch Chotto Matte is all about Japanese fusion. Most beef and chicken is halal so this is a good place for some fine dining halal food.

Karhi Boys 

Looking for the best Pakistani restaurant downtown look no further than Karhai boys. This place is halal and will cover your desi cravings. Get one of their famous Karhai boys and you will leave satisfied 


If you crave spicy chicken then Nando’s is your place. It is my go-to place when I can’t think of anything. Get a full chicken, garlic bread, and some peri fries. Don’t forget the Perinaise to go with all that.

Church’s chicken 

Sick of just having fried chicken at popeyes you now have an option with a variety of sandwiches. Church’s chicken is halal and waiting for you to try 


They have two locations one downtown and one near Yonge and Eglinton. They have some amazing eggplant dip that gives off a really smoky taste. Order some ribs and Middle Eastern dumplings to get started. For the mains the fried chicken is superb it has zaatar and other spices on it. The kebab is also good made from a good textured beef. I felt the fish was okay it was good quality but I didn’t like the sauce much on it. Byblos is a fine dining restaurant perfect for birthdays or special occasions. Halal restaurants aren’t usually swanky and classy but Byblos is! It has fusion eastern Mediterranean food.

Bar Reyna

Looking for a cute patio to hit with your friends but want Halal food? Bar Reyna is where you should go. Call ahead and confirm what is Halal as not everything on the menu is Halal. Bar Reyna is better for ambience than it is for food.


There are so many Halal burger places you will be surprised. As an only Halal eater, you don’t have to give up on Burgers in Toronto. Head over to Kensington market and will have so much choice.

Here are a few just for you:

  • Top Gun 
  • Ozzy’s burger 
  • Burger priest York Mills 

See your friends having Burger Priest and you are left wondering what does that High Priest taste like? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore head over to the York Mills location and you can find out. The Option might be good but there is nothing like some real beef.

There is even Dirty Bird Chicken in Kensington Market if you want to try Fried chicken and waffle.

The North 

Looking for some good Persian food then the North (Shomal) should be your go-to. Their beef is so tender. Whether you are having a kebab or cube of beef Shomal has it all. You can end it by having some Persian tea.

It is a big restaurant that can be good for family events 

The GTA even has more restaurants and they are waiting for you. 

  • Mamma Fatma (Best Turkish restaurant)
  • Nando’s (there are multiple locations)
  • Tangerine
  • Fredericks
  • Hakka Garden (the best Hakka food there is)
  • Hakka Legend 
  • Patna (Best Nihari in the GTA)
  • Eddies Wok and Roll (spicy garlic fish and chilli chicken are really good)
  • Yeh Cheez (best rolls)
  • Jacobs (some options are halal)
  • Rogue Restaurant – Fine dining (some options are halal)
  • Karhi point 
  • Kara mia
  • Toppings 
  • Silver Spoon (for Biryani)
  • KarachiXpress (best Pakistani restaurant)
  • Restroan Malaysia 
  • Burger Park

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