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Best Indian web series you need to watch

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Looking for a list of Best Indian Web Series? We got you! These shows are sure to leave you binge watching. We have you covered whether you are looking for romance, comedy or thrillers.

Best Indian Web Series:

4 more shots Please

This show is like Sex in the City but the Indian version. 4 friends meet at a bar and become besties. This show is honest, relatable, and funny as hell. Can be watched on Amazon Prime.

Little things 

This show is on Netflix and about a live-in relationship. They go about their daily problems that everyone in a common-law relationship faces. Relate to this cute couple.

Permanent Roommates 

If you like Little things you will like Permanent Roommates.  A romance and comedy show about a couple living together. 


This Pakistani show is amazing. The show talks about real-life problems but makes it entertaining. Makes you think about the society we live in! There is suspense, the hard truth, and entertainment. It is on Zee5.


Imagine if you and your siblings went on a road trip together. The fun and disaster that would occur is exactly what Tripling is about. 

Dehli crime

Watch this show about the Dehli rape. Find out how they solved this crime and the struggles that went away. Based on the case file from the Dehli Police.

Made in Heaven

Two event planners in India plan weddings.  Each episode is about a different wedding. This is a drama that is entertaining but also covers problems in India. This show is on Amazon prime


Cute story about a nerdy girl whose parents want her to get married. She is not ready to get married just yet. The guy her parents are setting her up with lands up at a summer course she is taking. Watch to find out what happens with their love story. This show is on Netflix. Do opposites attract?


Two people that are recovering from loss meet each other and try to help each other out.

The Trip

Get inspired to plan your friend’s Bachelorette with The Trip. If you lived 4 more shots Please you will like this show as well.

Masaba Masaba 

A loosely inspired by the lives of Meena Gupta and Masaba Gupta’s life. Get in the world of fashion with Masaba. This show is an entertaining show based on an Indian mother and daughter. This show is on Netflix.


We all get those scams trying to take money from us. Wouldn’t you love to know the perspective of a scammer? Exactly what Jamtara does! Thrilling show to watch. This show is on Netflix.


This is a thriller about a Mafia family that will keep wondering who did it? The suspense is real and it has Sushmita Sen need I say more?

A suitable boy

Based on the book by Vikram Sethi watch as a single woman is shown.

Already watched all these? Don’t worry here are more Best Indian Web Series to watch!

Thoda Adjust Please 

Kehnai ko Humsafar Tha

 What The Folks

Hum Tum and Them

Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala 


Bhaag Beenie Bhaag


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