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5 Best Journals to Buy to Start your Journey of Self Care


There is psychology research behind how keeping a journal can slowly rewire our brain. This is why it is important to start journal writing. Whether you are doing a gratitude journal, therapy journal, or just using the journal to vent. We will talk about the best journals for you.

Companies are providing you with prompts to help you with your journal writing. You don’t have to come up with a topic yourself. The topic encourages your thoughts to flow and you can’t make excuses.

When I started journal writing it was hard for me to decide each day what to write. I would end up avoiding journal writing altogether. Now, these journals help solve that issues.

The best way to use these journals is to either start your day with them or end your day with them.

So let us help you identify the best journals out there:

5 minute Journal

The 5 minute journal is probably the simplest and most effective way to start the journey of journaling. The journal allows you to focus on positive self-affirmations as well as giving you prompts on how to write down what you are grateful for. I love the design of the journal and how easy it is to use.

6 minute dairy

The 6 minute diary is similar to the 5 minute journal. This journal has a monthly check, a habit tracker, and a spot for weekly notes. It is similar to the 5 minute journal that it has prompts for you to answer.

Soul Therapy

Written by a licensed therapist and a business coach this book is therapy in a journal. It is for 365 days of the year and has a question to think about every day. If you are working on yourself and want to reflect this journal is perfect for you. It looks like a book but it is a journal. It is a guided journal and every day there is a prompt. The prompts are not repetitive questions like other journals. They are open-ended questions.

The Happy Self Journal

The Happy Self Journal has structured daily pages. The pages are illustrated for you. Just like the other journal this has prompts

One Question a Day

The One Question a Day journal aspires to create 5 year time journal for you. So story your memories so you can look back.

Wrap Up for Best Journals

Any of these journals are great form of self care. So decide based on what you are looking for. My personal favourites are the 5 minute journal and Soul Therapy.

Comment below and let us know what you think is the best journal.

If you are interested in a FREE digital journal check out the sneak peak into our Journal of Self-Growth. Save the journal as PDF and you should be able to type. If you enjoyed the journal comment and let us know.

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