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My lips used to be embarrassingly dry to a point where people have pointed out why are your lips so dry. I even stopped wearing lipsticks because I could no longer hear those comments. It wasn’t until I found the best lip balms that I was able freely to roam around with soft untorn tips. 

Winter can be brutal on some lips but you don’t have to worry about that anymore because we are introducing you to the best lip balms there are. 

Best Lip Balms that you need to get your hands on

Laneige sleeping mask

best lip balm

Yes, it is called a sleeping mask but if you have super dry lips this is the cure. Put it on your lips and they will feel so moist. You can put lipstick on top and it won’t even dry up. This is the miracle lip blam that brought back my confidence. It is pricey though since it is a Laniege product sold at Sephora but honestly, I can hands down say this is worth it. It comes in different flavours but I am all for the original pink (berry) bottle. The sleeping mask contains Vitamin C. This a is nourishing lip balm that will bring back life and colour to your lips. As it is a night sleep masking it creates a barrier and doesn’t let the moisture seep out of your lips. I need all that moisture contained!

Now everyone isn’t looking for a miracle on their lips and is looking for a little bit of moisture and for those people, drug store makeup is the best. I definitely swear by this lip balm and once you try it you will too so on the list of best lip balms it is definitely on the top. 


medicated lip balm

It has a mint flavour and provides quick cooling relief. It does not the job of keeping the lips moist. It prevents lips from getting chapped. Blistex seals your lip and keeps them hydrated. Blistex also has versions that have SPF in them so you are getting sun protection as well. Your whole face needs protection from the sun. Available at most drugs stores I recommend getting the medicated version for stronger impact if your lips are super dry like mine. 


This is an old is gold story. Whenever there is no lip balm in my house I go for the Vaseline since everyone has this in their place. I like the cute small vaselines that you can take everywhere with you. People have added Vaseline to their night routine on top of cream because it is so good at sealing the moisture. 

Burts bees

I wouldn’t use this if your lips are super chapped but if they are just a little dry Burts bees is the way to go. You might have to apply it every hour to keep the balm working. Available at most drug stores this usually comes in bulk packs as well. 


Nivea is quite hydrating and comes in different flavours. Nothing like a nice-tasting lip is there? Get Nivea and feel your lips get instantly moistured again it might not be lasting so keep reapplying every 2 hours.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite Nivea flavour is.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Some people don’t like the texture of the balm and prefer using oils. That’s when the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil comes in. It has the smell of vanilla and when you smear it feels amazing. It leaves your lips shining as well as moisturized. Nowadays it has become all about the oils for the face routines.

 Elephant Lip Balm is great for sensitive lips and might be what you are looking for. I know spending more than 10 dollars on lip blam can seem like a lot but lip balm does last so you won’t have to keep buying it again. The Drunken elephant lip balm contains avocado and vitamins need I say more?

Once you go for a lip mask your Laniege you might never be returning to the drug store lip balm. All I am saying is go to Sephora and just try out the lip balm and you will know what I am talking about. There is a reason for the hefty price it is like a potion that cures your lips. 

Why are my lips so dry?

Honestly, dry lips could just have to do with genetics and you can’t do much about that. But there are things in your control like using lip balm. For me, another thing that was keeping my lips dry was the fact that I wasn’t hydrating. Your skin needs hydration through water as well. So drink those 8 glasses or more a day!

Are lip scrubs good

Yes, sometimes your lips need some exfoliation, and lip scrubs are great for that. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on lips scrubs just make it at home. Take some sugar, olive oil, and honey as your scrub. You can use a soft toothbrush. I recommend doing this once a week. The exfoliation increases blood flow on your lips and removes all the flakey skin. It is great for dry lips to get the pinkness back.

What type of lipsticks should I be wearing for dry lips

Honestly, skip the lip paints. Their selling point is that they are stains that won’t budge even if you eat but it does come at a cost that they are very drying. Instead, use something like Sephora matte lipstick that are moisturizing but long-lasting. You might have to reapply them again but you can feel that your lips are moisturized when you put the lipsticks on. You want your lips to feel hydrated, not dry as well.

Do lip plumpers work

Some lip balms promise to make your lips bigger and honestly those do work for a while. It won’t be something extreme but there will be a small increase.

So are you ready to invest in a lip balm and change your life forever? Comment below and let us know what is the lip balm that you swear by

Figured out your lip balm situation let’s move on to discussing the best sunblocks.


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