Best Mississauga Date Ideas to have a romantic day out


Want to plan a special Date night in Mississauga? Not sure where to go for a romantic date? We have the best Mississauga date ideas for you! At Pigeontalk we are here to make your dating life easy. 

Where you go on a date can impact how it goes. So make that effort and show her that you care by taking her to one of these great spots

Mississauga Date Ideas

Snug Harbour Seafood Bar and Grill

There is no better view than a lake. So, take your date to Snug and have some amazing seafood and a spectacular view. Your date will definitely feel special at this place. The Snug restaurant doesn’t take reservations though and you might have to wait in line so it is not a first date kind of place but definitely worth the wait.

Jack Darling

People get their wedding photoshoots done here so you know it’s beautiful. Don’t go on Sunday though you might bump into an aunty that will kill your vibe. This place is gorgeous and you can a view of the CN tower. Might be too cold in winter but as soon as warm weather hits this is the place to be. 

Port Credit

Lake view is all what it is about. Walk around port credit and get a drink or bite to eat. When you are near a lake it just gives of some vibes that make everything more romantic and add to the success of the date. 

Rec Room 

When you plan an activity for a date it eases the stress and awkwardness of the first date. It instead adds some competitive fun. You have something to talk about and bond over. Whether you suck at the game or are great at the game you can laugh together and enjoy. You start to feel an ease set in with some friendly competition. 

The Rec Room at Mississauga has more room to walk around and is less crowded.

Bad Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is not a usual date and it can show your date that you put in the effort and tried to think outside the box. You will also be able to show off your muscles and aim.

Scooter’s Roller Palace

Bring on the 60s- 90s vibe at Scooter’s Roller Palace. Learn how to skate together and have some fun. The atmosphere here is great and it can be fun to get to know someone through skating.

Sky Zone

Jump, jump and jump. Be a kid again and go to sky zone. It is a great way to let loose and let that inner child out.

Classic Bowl

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Bowling is always safe and a fun time. Get to know each other over a game and have some conversation during it. Spend some time in between shots and get to know each other. Don’t just be trying to race through the time so you can get more games in. This date is about you and your partner getting to know each other.

Riverwood Conservancy

This is a beautiful peaceful place to walk around with your date. 

Wrap Up

Your date will love that you put in the effort to find a place that you both can enjoy. Choosing a place close to your date can show that you care.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite date spot in Mississauga is.

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