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Best place to get luggage – My first suitcase set

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I am the prime age of almost 30 but I have never had a matching set of suitcases. I have mostly relied on borrowing and then never giving back suitcases to family members (it is a genius plan I know). But now that I am getting older I thought it would be fun to get a suitcase set and well I was in dire need. It made me think what is the best place to get luggage?

Suitcases are more expensive than I thought. Getting one suitcase that is the big size can cost from 150 dollars to 500 dollars.

Previously, I had always relied on buying soft-covered suitcases. It seemed like a good idea cause well you can stuff as much as you want and they keep expanding. But if you are going to travel a lot especially in countries where they throw around luggage it isn’t a great idea.

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To get Swiss Gear or Not?

All my bags were swiss gear and well they tore in a year. Don’t get fooled by the Swiss Gear Warranty for 10 years. It is not for wear and tear or manhandling it is only for manufacturing defects which are very hard to prove. If your bag tears and you tell Swiss Gear they will tell you to go to the transport company or the airline and claim it there. Those places might send you to someone who can do some quick fix on your bag. So my promise to myself is to stay away from Swiss Gear. Their bags do look nice and sleek but after this experience, I think I am okay never going back. I don’t want to sound biased so I will say their customer service does respond fast though and is efficient in that manner. Did they give me the response I was looking for? NOPE!

Hard covered or Soft Covered – The ultimate question

My recommendation is to get a hard-covered suitcase. They have compartments in them on each side and a cloth in the middle separating them. So, when you are on vacation and your clothes get dirty you can put them on one side. They even have an area for undergarments in the middle. Hardcover bags also have room to expand usually. So, when shopping hardcover look for these features.

Also from buying only black bags I realized it is kind of difficult to find them at the airport. You want a nice-looking bag but also one that can be spotted.


The Amazing Deal – Best place to get luggage

Keeping all this in mind I bought a Roots set for 200 dollars at Costco. This is a blue set that says Roots on it. I am not a fan of the fact that it says Roots on it but it will be easy to spot for myself unless the whole world has gone and gotten this amazing deal. So with this set, you get a carry-on suitcase, a medium suitcase and a large suitcase (that can fit 25 kg). People find the medium suitcase useless but when you are going away for a week I think it is the perfect suitcase to use.

Honestly, having a suitcase set that matches just puts a smile on my face. I feel so adult! Supper excited to put these into use on my vacation.

I would recommend going to Costco and buying these bags. If you aren’t able to get a hand on these bags there are other options available.

Best places to get luggage?

At Canadian Tire you can get Outband bags for around 165 dollars for the large bag (see what I mean by the Roots deal is great).

Other companies selling hard-covered bags that are of good quality are Muiji and Away. For Away you might want to wait for a sale. But their small suitcases come with a charger in them how cool is that!

As you can tell I am on the moon about having this Roots set and feel like my whole life is now put together!

Comment below and let us know what Suitcase brand do you swear by? And please don’t say Swiss Gear because that is not the best place to get luggage.


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