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India’s COVID-19 crisis – Best places to donate money

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People in India are dying and they need your help. The population of India is 1 billion people. That is around 1/8th of the world population. That is why the list for best places to donate money is much needed.

They are in a major crisis right now. With the government not caring and over 300,000 cases a day. Those are only the reported amount 

People are dying on the road and in their homes and those deaths are going underreported.

The double variant mutant is destroying India.

India needs your prayers and your contributions so here below are links through which you can contribute.

Best places to donate money:

Islamic Relief Fund   – Click here to access IRF’s Covid relief donation link for India

Through this, you can give $360 for someone to get oxygen for 5 days. You can save a life. Other options are also available for 

$50 can provide the Covid-19 vaccine to 10 people in need in India

$100 can provide the Covid-19 vaccine to 20 people in need in India

$360 can provide life-saving oxygen for 5 days for a critically ill patient”

Khalsaaid – Click here to access the direct deposit account number

You can donate online within India

Name: Khalsa Aid 

Location: Pan India

Platform: direct 

Mission Oxygen – click here to access donation link

Name: Mission Oxygen 

Helping Hospitals Save Lives 

Location: Pan India 

Platform: Ketto 

Raising funds to help hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen concentrations.

They are now accepting foreign donations 

Give India – click here to access donation link

Can donate internationally through credit card

Hekmut foundation

This one is for within India

Imamiamedics – click here to access donation link (accepting email transfers and venmos)

Accepting donation for oxygen from anywhere.

Look at all of these and choose one to donate from. Any help you can provide India at this time would be great. Big or small amount.

All year we have been saying ‘we are all this together.’ Well, it is time to show that we actually do mean that. 

We can only conquer Covid if we all do it together. So let’s decrease the death count and help our brothers and sisters out.

Comment below if you other suggestions for best places to donate your money.

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