Best Plants For Office Desk To Brighten Your Day

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We spend a good part of our week / our year / our life in the office. The proof is in the numbers. A 2020 Gallup poll revealed that Americans work an average of 43.8 hours per week. For this reason alone, you should find little ways to add personality to your workspace. Plants for Office Desk is the best way to do that!

Be it a shared desk, a cubicle, or a corner office. Filling a space – a shelf, a window sill, a desk corner, or a space on the floor – with living greenery is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to infuse your home or corporate office with color and life.

This is exactly why we have rounded up the best plants for the office. Some little enough to fit around your desk, others that will clean the air as you work. Also, a few that offer an intense statement in bigger spaces.

Since many office spaces offer low light conditions, this list includes tons of hard-to-kill, tolerant plants that can survive in little sunlight, water, and general care. That means you won’t have to worry about caring for these low-maintenance plants during peak seasons when you take a well-deserved break.

Best Plants For Office Desk to Enliven Your Day 


Small, attractive plants like bonsai can indeed be difficult to keep alive, unlike most office plants in this article. Bonsai are picky. But don’t be discouraged; If you are not successful the first time, please try again. 

plants for office desk

These iconic and fascinating little wonders don’t reach maturity until they are at least ten years old. But you can start with simple seed kits. Bonsai are not just beautiful additions to conference room tables and workspaces. Plus, they can become a lifelong hobby!

Spider Plant 

The sturdy and popular spider plant makes a great hanging and pedestal office plant. Because spider plants can withstand formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, it is found in vehicle exhaust, garage, and warehouse workers can also enjoy these beautiful, hardy plants.

Known for the way its offspring descend from buds. These popular plants for offices and other workspaces can also thrive in bedrooms and home offices.

Mini Succulents

Succulents are very solid and don’t need a great deal of care. These are artificial, so they require no upkeep. They are also mini versions. Subsequently, they will not take up a lot of your workspace.

succulents for office desk


Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this sprawling plant is incredibly easy to care for. It can tolerate the darkest cubicles and offices full of brighter windows with ease. And it will still survive when you forget to water it from time to time. Look for clues to the kind of care you need – yellow leaves mean it’s been overwatered, while a downed plant is thirsty.


It is believed to attract money and prosperity. The jade plant is a succulent houseplant that endures well even in harsh indoor conditions. An excellent houseplant for the office desk. Its dark green leaves do not need as much light as other succulents.

African Violet 

The fuzzy-leaved plant became popular in the 1970s. It still has a cult following, and for a good reason. Modern African violet hybrids thrive in the same conditions as humans, with humidity and average temperatures. Although enough light is needed for flowers, African violets are not picky about that light source.

colourful office desk plants

Miniature violets, less than six inches in diameter. And a fluorescent lamp aimed at the plant is acceptable. A window facing north or east provides ideal lighting conditions; Avoid placing this plant in direct sunlight. It means that even the smallest spaces can accommodate a blooming office plant.

Snake Plant 

The snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the hardiest houseplants. It can thrive in the typical dry air, low light conditions characteristic of an office environment. Its strip sheets make a pretty statement, complementing the drab decor.

snake plant

Chinese Evergreen

If ever there was an award for the most adaptable houseplant. The Chinese Evergreen would win without a doubt. This plant does best in indirect sunlight, warm temperatures, and humidity. However, it tolerates many different conditions.

ZZ Plant

Pretty and impossible to kill. The ZZ plant is practically tailor-made for those who do not know growing plants. This low-maintenance plant can take weeks to neglect. And the ZZ office desk plant thrives in low light conditions while looking amazing every time.

best office desk plants

Venus flytrap

This little plant in a bottle won’t take up much space on your desk. Still, it will add unique visual interest. In addition to its function as a decoration, a venus fly trap can also be an interesting conversation piece for those who welcome clients or partners to their workspace.


If you love adding a purple color to your office desk, try growing oxalis. Place the plant in a location where it can receive partial sunlight. It does not like to live in too humid conditions, especially in cold climates. However, the plant is very tolerant of mishandling.

Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern is a warm climate plant. Growing it is easy and does not need much care; water regularly but avoid excessive watering. And keep the plant in a place that receives bright indirect sunlight. It can be a good sample for your office desk or hanging basket.

fern plant

Comment below and let us know your favourite plants for office desk.

How do you Care for an Office desk plant

Every plant is different. However, they generally need water, quality soil, and sunlight to survive. In addition, with instructions that come with your plant to place it in the right environment and water it enough.

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