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Best Reality TV Shows that you need to Binge watch

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The best way to relax is watching mindless reality tv shows. Reality shows are just so addictive. They are my guilty pleasure that I just can’t resist. Here is the Pigeontalk list of the Best Reality TV Shows on Netflix.

Best Reality TV Shows

Selling sunset

A small office full of catty girls is there not going to be drama. Selling sunset shows beautiful real estate on the hills and beautiful girls selling it. So, even though you are loving the reality show drama you can pretend you are watching it for the real estate. Whether it is a party, showing or a day in the office these girls keep everything fun and dramatic.

What better way to spend our days than dreaming about gorgeous homes we can’t afford. Maybe it will give us some inspiration for manifesting.

For me, this is one of the Best Reality shows out there.

Love is Blind

Girls and guys date through pods where they can’t see each other’s faces. They build connections without seeing each others faces. These connections are stronger because they aren’t based just on looks. But, ironically, every person on the show is good-looking. Watch to find out which couple will survive to the end. Will they get engaged or married? or are their relationships bound to be doomed.

Love is blind is basically like dating in the pandemic.

Indian Matchmaking

Watch the Indian aunty set out to find people love matches. She is the brown version of dating apps. It is a cultural experience to see how modern Indian match-making takes place. For the brown folks out there don’t watch with your parents it might give them some ideas.

The Fabulous lives of Bollywood wives

This is probably the worst show you will watch in your life but if you find it funny to watch bad tv and laugh at them this is great. All the nobodies of Bollywood get together and made a show.

The Circle

Interacting just on social media you can be whoever you want to be. Make the most popular and best social media account so you don’t get kicked out. Every week you are ranked based on likeability and interactions. Who’s going to come out the winner? Is it someone who is catfishing? Watch to find out!

It is just like the current times where we aren’t meeting real people so we can be whoever we want. Let out your keyboard thug personality.

Dating around

The awkward embarrassing first-date feeling oozes through the TV. 5 dates are set up with the same ambiance, clothing etc while the partners change. Who will get a second date? Watch and find out!

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