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Best self help books to start your journey of self development


Pandemic has made me start a journey of self-growth that has involved a lot of reading. The past year has been me going from reading romance novels to self-help books. Don’t get me wrong I still love the romance novels but there is something special about a book that makes you reflect, think, and change the way you function daily.

They make you question what you have been doing and set you on the path of improvement.

Here is the Pigeontalk recommendation for best self help books so you can start on a self-growth journey of your own.

Best Self Help Books

Mindset by Carol Dweck

The first book I read was Mindset and that is what amplified the need to learn. The Growth Mindset is about changing your mindset from fixed, the view that we are born with our talent and intelligence to a growth mindset. That through effort and new strategies we can become more intelligent. If you avoid tasks before even starting them from fear of failure this book is where you should start. It isn’t a typical self-help book it. Mindset is based on research and has tools you can use. It changed the way I thought. I still have to put it into practice every day and talk to myself about changing my mindset but having that view that I can learn anything has made me want to learn more about self-development.

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

I would first recommend watching Brené Brown’s Tedtalk and Netflix special. Brené Brown is a researcher on shame, vulnerability, and courage. Her book explains how they connect and her research. She recommends reading her first book Gifts of imperfection first. I do agree that it is the starting point. But if you are the type to only read one book and not be able to push through I suggest Daring Greatly. Her research is more developed in it. She talks about the topics more in-depth and overall I enjoyed Daring greatly. It has convinced me to push out of my comfort zone and be courageous and vulnerable. When a book has the ability to do that it is a must read.

Think like a Monk by Jay Shetty

I am not a Jay Shetty fan I do find him a bit commercial. But his book is great. It explains monk strategies in a way that we can connect them to our lifestyle. He provides tools throughout the chapter that you can mark and then practice later on. I would recommend reading 1 chapter a day so that it sinks in and you can do the activities.

How to do the work by Dr Niclole LePera

I have ordered this book as it was recently released and have not received it yet. But I am excited to learn how to do the work. If you follow Holistic Psychologist on Instagram and enjoy her work then you should get this book as well.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Untamed is an unusual self-help book but it teaches you how to leave your cage. The book talks about the cheetah and the zoo and how it is caged and changed just like that we humans are talk to be tamed and behave a certain way. But is that the way we are meant to live? This book will make your inner cheetah come alive.

Wrap Up for Best Self Help Books

Together this package of self-help is what you need to use in 2021. It has changed my life and I am recommending it to you because it might change yours too.

I wish there was someone that recommended these books to me when I was younger but better late than never.

Comment below and let us know about a book that changed your life.


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