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Summer is coming and we all know that means swimsuit time! Tanning at the beach or next to a pool with a drink in hand is the dream. If I had a dream job it would probably entail being by the beach. Now beach time also means figuring out what swimsuit to mean which can be a bit stressful since you might have been a sweater all summer and now it is time to show off the body. We can help you find the best swimsuits for the season!

Whatever type of body you have embrace it because there is a swimsuit for everyone! Hot girl summer is here and the truth is everyone is a hot girl!

We have our list of best swimsuit styles for this summer and we have tried it from our favourite store Shein. Now you might be thinking Shein is low quality do I really want a swimsuit from there. We bought swimsuits from there for 15 dollars and they are not low quality! The swimsuits are of great material, feel great and make you look great.

Best Swimsuit Styles

Flashy colours are in

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Now you might be wondering can you pull off that Neon Swimsuit. I am here to tell you girl you can! Neon yellow is all the buzz right now and oh my god those swimsuits look amazing. Whether it is a one-piece or a two-piece they both look good. For a two-piece, I suggest getting a high-waisted panty cause they are more flattering and can make you feel more confident.

Other flashy colours that are coming out this summer are orange and my all-time favourite hot pink. I have been watching Tiktok, Instagram, and selling sunset which all have shown me that Hot Pink is in. I can’t wait to wear that colour and try it on my tanned skin. The colour is going to pop so well and make me feel like a cute barbie.

best swimsuits 2022

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a colour that anyone can pull off. Well, I believe anyone can pull off any colour if they want to but this is the colour that effortlessly anyone can pull off.

I would go with a one-shoulder in royal blue. Or a bikini with a metal piece in the middle.

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Metal is in

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Gold metal on the swimsuit is the deal right now. But don’t put it in the washing machine cause you might end up breaking it. It looks so sexy and just takes a normal bikini to the next level. The swimwear looks like you spent a lot of money on it even though it can be for like 10 dollars. It can really elevate your style.

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One Shoulder

best swimsuit

Don’t want to wear a boring one-piece? Make it one shoulder and it becomes super cute. As I said before One Shoulder in Royal Blue would be something that could look super cute.

Cuts are the rage

A cut here a cut at the back let’s make cuts everywhere. Cuts are what’s up for now! For me personally, when there are cuts on the love handle I feel a bit uncomfortable. I am all for back cuts though.

High waisted is always where it is at

I know Gen Z feels like everything should be low-waisted including jeans. But as a Millenial who has been wearing high-waisted for far too long, there is no going back. Once you see your stomach in a high-waisted anything can you really go back to low-waisted same goes for a bikini. It is as if high-waisted just takes all your insecurities away and puts them in the trash can you know. You can rock that high-waisted even if you are feeling bloated.

Real Talk

Black is always in. There is nothing more flattering than black and well it never going to go out of style! So buy a black swimsuit and cherish it forever.

So now that we have discussed swimsuits let’s get to the other fun part which is the cover-up.

Now cover-ups don’t really have to cover anything up. They are just a piece to make you look more stylish. I would go with an off-white see-through cover-up if you are going to the beach or pool party. You can walk around in and look elegant.

I am curvy can I wear a bikini?

Anyone can pull off a bikini. We have made it seem like it is only for size zero but honestly, when you go to the beach everyone is wearing a bikini. So girl go rock that. If you aren’t comfortable yet to do that settle for a one piece. It is all about what you feel confident in.

What is the most flattering type of swimsuit?

I personally think the most flattering swimsuit would be a one-piece with some cleavage showing. If you go for a darker colour you can look slimmer. But your life is short so rock the colour that you like. If orange is what you want get an orange swimsuit!

Check out this Baywatch Swimsuit

While looking for swimsuits I found this Baywatch type swimsuit which would be perfect for the beach as well as Halloween so check it out and see if it is the style you are looking for.

Don’t want to shop at Shein where else can you buy swimsuits

Honestly, all stores have a swimsuit line whether it is Zara, H&M, or Aerie. Once it is closer to summer you will be able to see them. But if you shop online you might already to be able to order swimsuits there.

For the longest time, I couldn’t wear a one-piece and would insist on wearing shorts. If you are looking for a place to buy swimshorts the best ones are available at Walmart. Yes, you heard me right Walmart!

Enjoyed our article on swimsuits and looking for other beachwear? We have the perfect outfit ideas for you.

Don’t forget the most important thing about going to the beach is not your swimsuit it is your sunscreen and we can help you pick one out. Protect that body and your skin.


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