How to end things with a guy through a break up text?


Have you met someone once or a few times and want to end it? Don’t know exactly what to say? This blog is perfect for you!

I am going to provide you with easy break up text templates. You can use and change these depending on your scenario. So find out today, how to end things with a guy.

In this fast paced dating world we are currently in, a lot of people meet people and ghost them. But when you have been ghosted you realize how much it hurts. I am not talking about if you are talking to someone on an online app and they stop replying. I am talking about when you meet someone and never hear back. Or even worse when you meet someone a few times and just one day out of the blue they stop replying.

Yeah its not officially dating but everyone has feelings and being ignored like that can be hurtful. If you would hate that happening to you then assume the other person would hate it if it happened to them. That’s why I am writing this blog on how to end things. Karma is a b**** so end things the way you would want someone to end it with you. A simple break up text can go a long way.

Break up text

  • Hey _____, I had some time to think after our date. I feel like we may not be right for each other. I assume you feel the same way.


  • Hey, it was nice getting to know you. But I’ve thought about and I don’t think this is going to work. I don’t think we have enough in common and would be able to together in the long run. You probably feel the same way. Good luck in the future.


  • Hey it was great meeting with you yesterday and I’ve been thinking. I just don’t see this working out. Wishing you all the best for the future.


  • Hey _______, just wanted to message you after our date. It was great getting to know you and I had fun on our date. But I have to be honest, I just don’t see this moving forward. Hope everything works out for you.


  • Hey, I had fun on our date but I didn’t feel a connection. I don’t see this going anywhere.

Wrap up

Yeah these are pretty generic messages and not that heartfelt. But if you have met only a few times, you don’t owe an ending to a relationship. But you do owe basic decency (this is probably an unpopular opinion). To the other person the date might have gone great. They might be waiting a week to hear back, so rip that band aid off. And don’t be that person who doesn’t message after the date and then randomly messages 5 months later, when they are bored.

If there is a reason you do not want to meet the person again and its not mean say it. Sometimes honesty is good. It might help them with their other dates or help them understand what is really going on in your mind.

Personalize these messages to fit your situation and don’t use a break up text if you have been dating the person for months. Those situations at least deserve a call or an in person meeting.

One bad date, don’t give up on dating. Check out my blog on first date ideas and improving your dating game to motivate yourself.




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