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Date ideas that are free and fun


Going on dates every week can be a strain on your pocket. If you are paying for two people and have to dish out 100 dollars every week you feel the impact. Romantic ideas don’t always have to hurt the pocket. We have great date ideas that you will love and the icing on top is that they free.

If you are going on a date with a different person every week you don’t want to spend too much on the first date. That is when fun and free dates come into play!

Free date ideas


Now that it is fall this is the perfect time to go for a Hike. You can see the leaves change and walk around. There is something romantic about the orange leaves. You can make coffee at home and put it in a travel mug. If you aren’t a fan of coffee you can put tea or some hot chocolate. You don’t have to splurge on Starbucks to make some great tea at home.


Oh, the feels in a park! Take me to a park and even if the other person sucks I could have a good time. There is something about being out in the fresh air and around greenery. Add the lake and it is the perfect combo. If you are in Toronto go to Trinity Bellwood. If you live midtown you can go to Edward Garden. In the suburbs there are parks everywhere so a neighbourhood park would work! My favourite area is a Humber Bay park for a date. it is hard to find parking though.

Game Night

game night free date

Do you love a little bit of friendly competition? Why not have a games night. It can be a method to find out stuff about your date.

Play a game of the 36 love questions. If a person isn’t willing to answer they can take a shot! Find questions to nerve-wracking there are other games you can play. Take out a deck of cards.


Stare into the sky at night. Oh, so romantic thinking about it is giving me the feels. Go to a place that is dark and shuts off the lights at night (not first date ideal). Don’t forget to take a mat since not everyone likes sitting on the grass.

Make a meal together

What is in your fridge use those ingredients. You don’t have to go outside. The easiest is pizza bread, cheese, and using the vegetables you have. Honestly, if you don’t have that it’s okay. You probably have some pasta use that and whatever else you got. Don’t need to make something fancy just the basics. It is about making the dish together. Use leftovers and everything you got!

Netflix and chill

Choose a movie and make some popcorn. You can have the movie experience at home. Preplan and make sure you have popcorn. Make it even more like a cinema with nachos and cheese. Add the hotdog as well.

Go the beach

Sun, sand, and water can you ask for a better trio? The beach has so many free activities. You can make sandcastles together or cover each other with sand. When it gets hot take a dip in the water. Can you get more things on a free date?

If you live in Toronto hit up Grand Bend, Wasaga Beach or Sauble beach. You will have to pay for parking though. If you want something within Toronto you can go to Sugar beach, Cherry beach or Woodbine beach. Take a frisbee or a volleyball and you can make it a full day of fun.

Bike ride

Take your bicycle for a spin. Hit up a bike trail and enjoy. You can get some fresh air and exercise. It is always fun to hit up a nice spot. You can take some food and take a break at a park. Don’t forget to take water for both of you!

Dog walk

Take your dog out for a walk with your date. Everyone loves some doggy time. If they have a dog too you know it’s a plus point. Walk around your neighbourhood or walk to a close by park.


tennis date

Do you have a tennis racket and a ball? Why not have a tennis match? Hit up a park with a tennis court and have a friendly match for a date. Try not to go at peak times since you will have to wait for the court.


Swinging and going on slides never gets old. This can be super fun on a date. Try to see who can do the obstacle course faster. Jump into the water area as well. Let that kid out and have fun!

Scenic drive

Hit up a scenic drive whether it’s a lake view or farmland just opening the windows, putting on music, and being with your date is ideal. Drives are the best time to have the deep conversations. Where are your favourite places to drive out too?

Water balloon fight

water balloon fight date

This won’t be completely free cause you probably don’t have balloons lying at home. But honestly, the best water fights I’ve had are just with a pipe of water. Being a child is the most fun. So release the inner child have a water fight! It is such a fun experience, especially on a super hot day.

Wrap up for free date ideas

Your date doesn’t need to know you choose the date because it’s free. If it’s a first date try not to mention you did this because you were trying to save money. Planning and effort count more than money so put in the effort and choose a fun-free date.

Is it a first date? Stressed out about the first date conversation and what not do on a date? We can help you with all that.



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