dating during quarantine 

The Guide you need to navigate dating during quarantine 


Dating was already hard and now the added difficulties of being in quarantine. Well, don’t sweat it. We are here to help you navigate dating during quarantine. 

Now that Valentine’s Day is coming there are lots of people on online apps. Looking to find the one for Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect time to join the game. More people means more matches!

Now you must be wondering if you can’t meet, what is even the point. Well, there is a point. This is the time to filter out all those people that aren’t looking for anything and finding someone willing to put in the time. 

I told a guy to give me a week to get to know him before I decide to meet him during the pandemic and do you know what he said?  He couldn’t wait that long. I knew right away he wasn’t worth it. 

Be willing to say what you are comfortable with and the right person will be considerate. So, if you aren’t comfortable meeting and just want to virtually date know that is okay. There will be people that would be willing to wait. That is the kind of person you should want to be with. 

Telephone calls might be a comprise when the alternative is meeting. But the bond you get from just talking to someone on the phone without anything physical is special. You get to really know the person. The time and effort we weren’t willing to put in before is something we can put into the relationship now. 

Dating during quarantine ideas 

So for all quarantine first dates, I suggest either having a phone call date or a video date. With a video, you can make it more fun. Keep virtually dating until you are ready to meet for a socially distanced date. 

1. Virtual games 

You can use apps like House Party and play games with a few drinks. 

I like to use the 36 questions to fall in love as my inspiration to start a drinking game. This dating questionnaire is perfect for a date! Whoever is not willing to answer has to drink. Think that’s too much? You can just ask the questions you don’t need to mention where you got the questions from.

You can also use the Pigeontalk first date conversation ideas and make it into a game. 

2. Order each other food

Order the other person’s food and they order you food. Let it be a surprise. Enjoy the meal together virtually. This is dinner with a spin on it. 

3. Cook together

Make the same meal together virtually on camera. Bonding over the same meal and having it together will get the sparks flying. Try making Thai Curry together. 

4. Workout together

This can be a bit intimate depending on whether you are okay with working out in front of people. Either find a YouTube video to follow or an Instagram Live exercise video you complete together. Sweat and Tonic on Instagram has live workouts that are great to do together. 

5. Watch a Movie together

You can watch the same movie together. I would choose a comedy so you can laugh together in the movie and create a bond.

6. Paint Night

Who said you had to go somewhere to have a paint night? There are tons of options on YouTube. Just get some wine and equipment and follow along. 

7. Virtual comedy show

You can either watch the same comedy show on Netflix together. I recommend Trevor Noah because who doesn’t love his shows? Or there are virtual comedy shows you can actually attend. Couples who laugh together stay together. 

Wrap Up Dating during quarantine

We have extra time during lockdown so use that to improve your quarantine dating life. Any of these ideas will make a great quarantine date.

Comment below and let us know how dating during quarantine is going for you!


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