Difference in opinions and polarization in today’s world

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If you look at America it is probably the time where the Democrats and Republicans are most far apart in views. Almost half of America voted for Trump while the other voted to get rid of Trump. In most opinions, Americans differ and the problem is no one is willing to listen to each other. How can the difference in opinions be decreased if people don’t talk about the topics without trying to shut the other up?

Cancel culture

There is a surge in cancel culture. When we think someone has a difference in opinion than us our first move is to cancel them. That is not how you build tolerance and change people’s views. That is how you increase polarization.

Everyone does not need to agree on everything whether it is religion, politics, or something else. It’s okay to agree to disagree. We need to have conversations so that people become more educated on different perspectives and challenge their views.

There are certain things that need be cancelled as it keeps people accountable. But right now we cancel before asking questions and sometimes are just cancelling because everyone else is. So take a moment and ask yourself if you know enough information to cancel the person.

Social Media

On social media, the algorithm is set in a way that whatever we agree with is what we will be shown more of. If you believe in conspiracy theories that’s what it will show you and you will think the majority of the people agree with you. But that is only because you are not seeing the other side. The other side still exists though. That is what is happening in the real world too, people only surround themselves with people with a like-minded view and shut other people down.

I am not here to tell you what is the right view but to encourage you to challenge your view whatever it is. Read up on things that oppose you. Have conversations without shutting the other person out and thinking their view is completely wrong. Try to understand where they are coming for. Of course, this is not possible for every topic but for some it is. Choose what topic works for you.

Politically incorrect

Everything is made to seem like it is politically incorrect.  People are afraid to have discussions. They still have the thoughts in their head and with close like-minded people they share their thoughts. But they are afraid to share them with the rest of the world. Which means those people will remain with those thoughts instead of having them discussed and challenged.

We have become so focused on words and language and not saying the wrong thing that we have forgotten about trying to solve the root issue of the problem. The root issue can only be discovered and solved with discussion and hard work.

I am no way for offensive language that undermines someone else or makes someone uncomfortable. I do believe if someone feels uncomfortable with something we shouldn’t say it. But when we give language so much power we vary away from figuring out why something is happening and the deeper issues.

Challenge your view

If you are anti-vaccine discuss it with someone who believes in getting the vaccine and vice versa. It is okay to be scared of the vaccine and it’s also okay to feel that vaccine is something we should take for society. If you believe in masks get into a discussion with an anti masker. Have debates to see where the other person is coming from instead of going in with a preconceived notion that the other person’s view is stupid. Don’t go with the intention to convince the other person but just to listen to another perspective. Challenge your own thought process regarding the difference in opinions.


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