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Ever wondered what a date at the mall would be like?


With most normal places in Toronto being shut you can’t have the usual date where you go to a bar or for dinner. Mostly, everything indoors is closed which makes the options of date places limited. It is around -25 C outside so you don’t want to be outside either since you might freeze. Ice skating sounds like a fun date until you step out for 5 minutes.

After talking to a guy for a bit it came to the point where texting was boring and we needed to take it to the next step. But where do we meet at such time? Honestly, I was kind of going to give up on the whole trying to date in lockdown but he came up with the genius idea of a date at the mall.

I hadn’t thought of it. In a nonlockdown time, I would have thought that suggestion is weird but for this occasion, it made perfect sense. I am always down for a new adventure so I wanted to try this. Could two people go to the mall and entertain themselves?

What is a Mall date like?

This was going to be my first date in 2022. I was a bit nervous. Having taken a break in December this was my re-entry into the dating world. Having gone on so many dates I still get jitters before meeting someone. A professor once told me feeling stressed means you care. So I take it is a good thing I get stressed before these dates.

I thought with a mall date I could kill two birds with one stone. Get my errands in and go to the mall and meet a guy. It was going to be a productive Saturday. I went to the mall with my sister as I needed to go shopping with her after. When I arrived at the mall I realized it was closing in an hour. My advice to you is if you plan on going to the mall on a date check the hours the lockdown hours are completely different. You don’t want to suggest something and get there and see a CLOSED sign! It is already a stressful situation.

Apparently, people look more attractive in masks according to new studies. I was not feeling attractive. My mask was big for me. I would much rather have had my lipstick showing as it would complete my look but you got to settle for what you get in these times and mask on was the only option. But what is it about a pop of colour on your lip that makes just feel so confident? Is it just me or does that happen to everyone?

Meeting someone from a dating app is always interesting. Will the person look like their pictures (my theory is most guys look better in real life)? Will you be able to find them? When I first saw him I thought to myself the mask study is true he did look pretty good in a mask. His mask fit him better than mine did for sure. He hugged me and we met. I am always awkward at first meeting hugs. I would much rather wave my hand and let it go.

We walked around the mall and spoke. Even if a date doesn’t go anywhere in the end I find it interesting to meet new people. You get to know their story and what they do. It is like watching a live podcast or TV show unfold in front of you.

We spoke about the usual stuff like what we did for work, fun, and family. The conversation flowed. We took a few rounds at the mall. It was an indoor stroll. We got to walk see the shops we didn’t enter any but it could have been interesting to go into stores and just find out each other styles or what we like to buy. Next time if I go on a mall date I am going to suggest some window shopping. Maybe picking clothes we think the other person would look good in? The games that can be played in the mall are endless but don’t know why I didn’t think about this before.

1 hour in he asked me how I came there. I guess that is a sign the date is ending. I decided to tell him my sister was in the mall. It got really weird from there. I guess it is not a normal thing to bring your sister on a date. But it is not like she was anywhere close or watching. He ran so fast it was kind of funny. He did tell me to message him when I got home safely.

I decided to do that. I messaged him saying I was safe and how many steps he walked. This is my way of finding if someone is interested by seeing what they text back. He replied with a one-liner that you can’t really respond to. I took it as he was not interested. I tried and it didn’t work and that is okay.

Wrap Up

Do I have any regrets about the date? Nope, I got to hang out and meet a new person. It wasn’t a waste of time for me just a journey on finding the right person and I am going to enjoy the journey. I am not going to lie getting rejected and not asked for a second date does sting a little bit but you got to just feel that and give yourself time to get on it again. It is not personal it is just dating.

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