Fall Date Ideas

Fall Date Ideas That You Are Sure To Enjoy


Fall, the season of pumpkin spice lattes and beautiful colours. It is probably the best season for cute Instagram-worthy dates. Fall is for a limited time so get on it and go on a picture-perfect fall date. Not sure where to go on a date in this beautiful season? We have the best fall date ideas for you.

fall dating ideas

Fall Date Ideas

Corn Maze

autumn date ideas

Get lost together in a huge corn maze. Ahhh I love fall and the different events it brings corn maze is definitely one of them. You can combine this with apple picking and pumpkin picking or the haunted house.

Halloween Haunt

Adrenaline leads to feelings and that’s what Halloween activities do. Go to a scary haunted house with your date. You will be screaming and coming out. Gives you a reason to hold onto your date out of fright. There is nothing more fun than getting scared.

This is great for a second date! Confused whether you should go on a second date? 

Apple Picking

apple picking date idea

Going to a farm as a date is super cute. You can get on the tractor and take a ride. Then there are so many varieties of apples to pick on. You can climb a ladder pick apples. In the end, you can try some ciders at the shop. Apple picking is a great photo moment.

It can lead to a second date as well as you both can make apple pies together and use the apples you have picked.

While picking apples you can try them as well. Apples from the farm are way more delicious and fresh than those found at the store.

Cranberry Plunge

Step into cranberries and jump around. Cranberry plunging is exactly that. Feel like what a farmer feels like with this date. The Instagram moments here are limitless. And your date has probably never tried this before so it is always fun to try something new.


Who doesn’t want to go to a winery to try some wine? Go on your date. Discussing wines will make for great conversation. Feeling that buzz will get you feeling more comfortable on the date.

Pumpkin Carving/Picking

pumpkin pie date idea

Pick out a pumpkin with your partner and then spend time carving it. You can even make a pumpkin pie together. Celebrate fall the way it was meant to be spent. You can put the pumpkin outside your house. Your little memory from the date.
Don’t forget to buy some tools if you plan on pumpkin carving.


Fall weather means scarves and pumpkin spice latte. Throw on those fall boots and get on it. Hiking dates are perfect when the weather is a bit chilly. You can hug for some comfort. Watching the trees that have changed colours is beautiful. Take a cozy fall picture or throw some leaves in the air and get an Instagram worth moment.

There are so many trails that you can check out. Not much of a hiker you can just take a stroll. Get in those steps and go on a date it’s a double benefit type of moment.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite fall activity is.

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