Fall Date Outfits to bring your A-Game


Fall Date outfits can be tricky. You want to look your best but you also want to protect yourself from the cold. On top of that, the weather can go from warm to cold within a few hours. We have fall date ideas that will make you look great and keep you warm.

I like to keep at least 3 outfits in my closet that I can wear for the first 3 dates. So find the 3 outfits that you think are good and just keep them as your dating closet. This way you don’t have to go through the struggle of finding something every time you have to go on a date.

Ideas for Fall Date Outfits

Sweater and Skirts

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You want to show part of your body but you also want to keep warm. Sweater and jeans can become unflattering but when you replace the jean with a skirt and that makes you look fashionable and nicely shows your body. It also looks like you made an effort and didn’t come wearing your everyday clothes. If it is colder outside wear stockings as well and a pair of booties. You want to give him a sneak peek but not reveal too much. This outfit will do exactly that.

I like to go with a short coloured skirt with either a zip in front or buttons. You get a variety of these in denim, suede, velvet, and cotton. Add a simple black sweater on this and you have a super nice date outfit. Keep the sweater colour neutral if you are going with a fun coloured skirt.

Pair that with some booties and you got that perfect first date outfit.

Sweater and shorts

Just like the skirt shorts go as well. You can get a pair of printed shorts, stockings, and a sweater. This look is super sleek. It looks like you made effort for the first date with this outfit. I like wearing dark stockings so I go with dark shorts with a subtle print on them.

Sweater dresses

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Cozy, comfortable, and fashionable. Sweater dresses are my favourite. You don’t need to go super baggy with this as you want your date to at least see a bit of your curves. Keep the dress simple if you like and add some earrings to complete the outfit. This is something you probably have in your closet. You don’t need to buy new clothes for dates recycle what you have and mix and match. On a first date your whole closet becomes new as the person hasn’t seen anything you have worn before so take advantage of that. Your overworn favourite dress is now considered brand new!

Denim Jacket

In fall when it’s not so cold you can wear any of your normal clothes and just add a denim jacket on top. This adds to your outfit and feels super comfortable as well. So pick out a fancy top and pair it up with your favourite jeans.

In fall whatever the weather I would recommend carrying a jacket of some sort and a denim jacket in my opinion is the easiest.

Fall Date Outfits Tips

fall dating outfits

Check the weather beforehand so you can plan your outfit accordingly. Remember to dress according to where you are going. If you are going outdoor take a coat and wear shoes that are appropriate. Wear as many layers as you need to. Looking good is important but so is your comfort. You aren’t going to enjoy and be your best self if your feet are hurting or you are shivering.

If you are going indoors you can wear a warm coat and wear a nice top and jeans. You will be taking your coat off anyway indoors so you can dress up more on the inside.

First dates are where impressions are made so bring your A-game.

Found an outfit but have no idea where to go? We have fall date ideas that you will love!


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