Finding your North Star

Finding your North Star – Let the journey begin


We are looking for a purpose and need help finding our North Star. Figuring out what we were meant to be doing here and how to live a fulfilling life. It can be stressful looking at everyone else and thinking they all have it figured out. As a child, I always thought I’d become an adult and suddenly I’d know everything. Now that I am an adult I am left thinking do we ever have it figured out?

The answer my friend is probably no. Life isn’t about having it completely figured out. You might want something today and something else tomorrow. No one has it completely figured out. You might see them and think oh that person doesn’t have any bad moments but that’s not true. If someone looked at your life they’d probably perceive it completely differently as they are only seeing a snapshot. With vloggers and influencers they are trying to appeal to you by showing their best life but there are moments when they falter and question themselves. Everything doesn’t come easy to them. There are days when they feel like ‘what am I doing?’ Those moments are all part of life theirs and yours. 

Finding your north star is a journey where you are trying to reach from Point A to Point B. But in the middle, you might figure out you want to actually reach point C. The benefit of North Star is that it gives you direction. That is what finding your North Star means it is setting a direction. It might not give you a destination but gives you a direction that you can start working on. Get the seeds plowing. Everything won’t be perfect on this journey and that is the beauty in it. There are ups and down but having a North Star keeps you going. So, let’s talk about finding your North Star

Finding Your North Star – The Breakdown

 It can be stressful to think about what direction you want your life to go in. So, stressful that we might procrastinate instead of trying to find the answer. That is why it is important to break it down and try to figure out the answer. Get a piece of paper so you can start the brainstorming process.

 What brought a smile to your face as a child?

I once attended a seminar where a man told me in order to figure out your purpose you need to write down all your memorable moments when you were a child and see what made you smile. You can start from as early as you can remember. Before we took on our adult responsibilities and were told by society we couldn’t do things we were free to decide what we wanted. What did we enjoy at this time?

For me my moments include:

  • Climbing rocks
  • Playing in mud
  • Teaching other people and them having a light bulb moment and putting everything together
  • Helping someone out
  • Going on different excursions or to a new place
  • Writing stories
  • Reading
  • Trying out a new food
  • Listening to other peoples stories

Now not everything needs to be part of your North Star. For me, it helped me figure out that I wanted to be a Life coach and empower other people. I would get to hear their stories and talk about my own stories. I would be helping people out and I could do it in nature. Your North Star does not necessarily have to be your career it can be a side hustle or a hobby as well. For me, writing blogs is a way to tell a story and I like reading so I can do my research and write about it. Another thing I aspire to do is be a tour guide I like travelling and talking to people. I can also write about my travelling adventures. Because I have a basic idea doesn’t mean I have it completely figured out. 

What brings a smile to your face as an adult?

Breaking down your interests like this can help you figure out what you actually like. We always talk about what we don’t like at our job but there are parts you probably like. I like mentoring, learning new things, and providing advice and efficiencies.

Write down 5 things in the last 5 years that have brought a smile to your face.

Even in the jobs you hate or the moments you hate those help you figure out what you don’t like and that is a trial and error. Figuring out what you don’t like gets you one step closer to what you do like.  

Are your basic needs being met? 

When you have bills to pay and need to meet basic needs it is hard to have time to think about your north star. You don’t try to do the things you like because there is no time and money. But there is an option of starting small. If you are struggling to get your basic needs met do the job that gets you your basic needs met but take an hour out every day and work on a side project. Your North Star does not need to be related to your job.

What do you value?

What forms are you willing to be compensated in. For me driving to work and commuting is something I am not interested in and I would be willing to give up some money to not have to do that. I value being outside and meeting people so that is a form of compensation for me. You have to figure out is money the only form of compensation in your life or do other things fulfill you as well?

I used to chase only money not look at the type of job I was applying to but it personally always left me unsatisfied. Think about what you can’t live without. Write down 10 things you can’t live without. It will help you get closer to figuring out what you truly desire.

Where do you see yourself

Make a list of where you see yourself in the next 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and 5 years. It will help you figure out what stays constant and cut out what you don’t require. Long term goals and short term goals are both important when it comes to finding your North Star.


Can you start small and sow some seeds?

Starting small will allow you to sow some seeds. You can’t become a famous blogger overnight even though you might think every other person is one. It takes years. So start now and wait to see the fruit later. You might have to apply different strategies along the way. While trying to become a blogger you might find another path of selling something that works for you. Your North Star gives you direction but your path can always change. You can even change your North Star. 

When changing your North Star constantly one thing to remember is to be grateful. If you keep changing your destination you might not look back and appreciate the goals you have achieved. So be grateful for the little things and the big things. You will then realize in the end it is not even about reaching the North Star it is about the journey that you went on because of it.

Don’t expect instant results and even in the direction of following your North Star, there will be setbacks, moments of weakness, and difficulties. Embrace the challenges and know will a little patience and a growth mindset you can achieve what you thought is unachievable. To be helped in those moments you need to have a support system and believe in yourself to get back on your feet. 

Comment below and let us know if this blog helped you find your North Star.


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