First date went well but no second date – What happened?


Dating can be frustrating. You put in all that effort to talk to someone get to know them on text. Then meet them and when it doesn’t work out you have to do all that on repeat. If you are feeling like you are in a funk and can’t get it right you are not alone. There are times when you won’t get a second date and it is okay it happens. If it is happening all the time you might be making small dating errors without even realizing.

So, let’s try to figure out if there is a reason you aren’t making it to the second date.

First date went well but no second date – Why does this keep happening?

Giving out too much information

If you are telling someone your deepest darkest secrets and your whole life history on the first date it might be a red flag. Now it is great to find someone you can share things with but if you are sharing everything on the first date it might be too much for the other person to handle. Think about it from the other person’s perspective they are just meeting you for an hour or two hours and seeing one part of you. If that part of you just consists of someone who has hundreds of issues it might seem like that’s all you are. Of course, that’s not all of you but that’s the only part they are getting to see. So share things and get to know the person but be careful not to overshare. Put your best foot forward since this person is only getting a snapshot of your life.

Imagine, if the other person was bringing all their problems to the first date would you see that as a red flag?

Sharing a little bit and keeping the rest for later also adds a little bit of mystery

Going too far

If you are meeting after 10 o clock then there might be a chance that you are going to end up at his house so try to keep the dates earlier so there is less chance of it being a booty call. There is no problem with having sex on the first date but if you want someone to go on a second date you need to keep them wanting something more this goes for information as well as more intimate things. You can make it more special by waiting. Of course, there are people who slept with each other on the first date and ended up in a serious relationship but to keep some mystery wait it out. You will also give the impression that you are looking for something more serious.

If you are heart is in your vagina then you should definitely not be sleeping with people on the first date because if it doesn’t go anywhere from there you might get hurt.

Don’t spend too much time texting

If you are spending more than a few weeks texting you might be putting in too much time. Getting to know too much information about someone on text can be time-consuming but it can also kill the fun. So, instead of spending all that time texting meet them in person and find out if you will click. You can’t tell how someone will be on text.

Check out how long you should be texting for prior to meeting.

Be confident

Now, this is easier said than done since first dates are nerve-wracking but people feed off the energy you give them. If you think you are lacking in something that’s the energy you give out. Know that you are beautiful! You have an awesome personality and someone would be lucky to be with you.

Find out more about dating from a place of lack.


If you are going to spend the short time of your date complaining then that can come across as all you do is complain. Complain about the weather, the service, the food, and your work. Don’t over complain. Of course, if something bothers you share that but that shouldn’t be all the date includes.

Questions for why am I not getting a second date

  • What are things you wouldn’t want someone to do on a first date?
  • Are you doing those things?
  • Are you sharing too much information?
  • How much time are you spending texting beforehand?
  • Is there a pattern in how you behave

Keep putting in the workand you will find someone. You are worthy enough to get someone amazing to date!


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