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Future of Augmented Reality In Business In Upcoming Years


Some of the technological developments on everyone’s lips this year are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Amazon plans to enter the game predictably and rumors to pursue AR, and Samsung also has goods in the works.

The boundaries between the real and the digital world blend AR and VR. They deliver a new way of engaging with clients, friends, and the world around us. Often referred to as sister AR/VR innovations, they have a tremendous market opportunity that is just in the initial stages of unlocking.

Flourishing Benefits of Augmented Reality:

Future of Augmented Reality In Business

Augmented reality in business has a lot to bring, but not in its full bloom. AR is perceived to be more attractive to the consumer than virtual reality due to its characteristics.

According to Digi-recent Capital’s report, AR applications will cross 3.5 billion installed bases and up to $85-90 billion within five years. Meanwhile, VR’s figures are 50-60 million installed base and 10-15 billion dollars.

Augmented Reality is much more effective in business due to its ubiquity, whereas VR is more oriented. The key strength of VR is that it fully immerses a user in virtual reality, making it an exceptional tool for gaming or 3D films. 

According to the study, Augmented Reality in business will address the smartphone and tablet sector as they both cannibalise and grow it. The possibilities and areas of enterprise augmented reality applications are fantastic.

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Use of Augmented Reality In Business:

Slowly but gradually, the mode of commerce is transformed by augmented reality. Businesses worldwide seek to find ways to remain competitive while customers are hungry for richer points of engagement in shopping experiences. The global VR/AR business will see a 77 percent compound annual growth rate from 2019-2023.


Augmented reality has countless possibilities in retail. Out-of-store experience suggests that to have an experience, the consumers don’t have to leave their homes. Like Converse, the Sampler app allows consumers to digitally try on a pair of sneakers to select a favourite brand. Recently, eBay Inc. revealed it is working on an AR package to make shopping more fun and effective.

Real Estate:

For real estate, Augmented Reality has a lot to offer in the industry. It will help clients view homes differently, filter out the ones they like and don’t select, and save both consumers and realtors some time. 

Interior Design:

AR-empowered interior decorating applications are all here to support the correct decision about the size and style of a new piece of furniture. One of the most famous examples comes from IKEA and its IKEA Place AR app, a Swedish retail giant. 

Tourism & Maps:

AR has a lot in store for tourism as well. Museums with more in-depth knowledge about the displays or even see why a creature looked by superimposing your phone over a skeleton. 

Training & Education:

We can make education more engaging, interactive and make even the most boring topic a little fun by bringing AR technology into a classroom. Students may get more comprehensive information or step-by-step guidance and, most importantly, a deeper understanding of the topic by installing and using software on their mobile.


Healthcare is one of the areas that can emerge from augmented reality. Helping patients better recognise and explain their symptoms with applications such as EyeDecide that can display an effect on the human eye.

Dating Industry:

To further illustrate that augmented business reality can virtually disrupt any industry, consider Flirtar, the first augmented dating app rooted in reality. It starts like a reasonably regular app. But unlike swiping standard dating apps to the left/right, you can search the area to locate app users and a dating prospect.

What’s Next?

These are only examples of a few fields that can be and are being revolutionised by augmented reality. Augmented market reality provides a wide variety of possibilities, and as it matures, only user experience and spheres that can make use of it will strengthen.

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