Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day – How to celebrate with your lady friends

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Galentine’s Day should be celebrated with your girlfriends whether they are single or not. It’s a special tribute to your friendship. We need a day to acknowledge our real soulmates our best friends.

It might not be a real holiday but we can sure celebrate it like it is. Shower your friends with love on this day. We need more occasions to applaud our girlfriends. To let them know how amazing they truly are!

The extra benefit is that Galentine’s Day, helps those that aren’t doing anything for Valentine’s Day feel the love as well. It is basically the Pregame for Valentine’s Day and we all know the real party is at the Pre-Game.

So, how exactly should we celebrate? Well, there are plenty of ways to rejoice in the love of your friendships.

Celebration Ideas for Galentine’s Day:

Secret Galentine

This is like Secret Santa but the Galentine version. Take a hat put in chits and have all your friends pick a name or use a secret santa name generator. You have found your Galentine so keep it a secret. Find a gift perfect for your Galentine. It can be something small, cute and sentimental. Opening your presents in front of your friends can be a fun way to celebrate

Dinner with drinks

Celebrate your friendship with either a potluck or a fancy dinner. You deserve to celebrate in style and toast to each other.

Every friend should make a toast to their friendship highlighting the best part of the friendship. This is to remind your friends how great they are. Like I said before celebrate the love!

This is a day for your girlfriends to have fun and feel loved. If you are looking for a reason to get dolled up, this the perfect excuse.

Bake off

Get together and bake for Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day. Plan a baking date with your friends where you bake for yourself and the treats for the next day as well.

Wine and Cheese

If you want to keep it classy during Galentine’s day then Wine and Cheese should be your go to. It is easy and fun.

Boozy brunch

How does mimosa, waffles and pancakes sound? That can be the way you celebrate Galentine day. This day is all about self care and what better way to take care of yourself than a relaxing brunch plan. There are people on Instagram that come and set up a picnic for you!

Wrap Up

Girl friendship is where it is at! We are with each other through thick and thin and have each other’s back. Is that not something to commend?

You can celebrate the love anyway you like and it will be great. When you are single thinking about Valentine’s day can be depressing. This is a way to forget about that and enjoy an even better occasion. It is when the singles and couple friends unite.

It is a day to let loose so don’t stress and just have fun. That’s why we are giving you the Galentine’s Day ideas so you don’t have to think you just need to pick an idea.

If you are in lockdown the Galentine’s Day ideas can be done virtually. If you are looking for more virtual ideas check out our blog.

Let us know which Galentine’s Day idea you liked best.

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