Gardening makes you happy – Make it your spring activity


With the weather becoming sunny and the lockdown still going on, we all need something to keep us busy and entertained. Why not choose gardening as your spring activity. Gardening makes you happy and we all need a little bit of joy in our lives right now.

Gardening makes you happy – Let’s discuss why

You take in the sunshine

Being in the sun and having it shine on my face brings a smile to my face. Gardening gives us an excuse to be out in the sun. Being out in the sun also increases the amount of Vitamin D in you which is something I am definitely lacking.

Connecting with the earth

Touching that soil and planting seeds helps us feel one with the earth and connect with nature.

Releases happiness hormones

Touching the soil releases serotonin and dopamine in us which leads to us feeling happy. So get your hands dirty! These hormones are usually present in antidepressants and this is a natural way of getting them. Gardening is definitely a great way to relax and reduce stress.

It is a workout

Whenever I see my dad gardening I see him come back sweating. Gardening is like a workout and we all need some exercise at this time. Using our energy helps us feel good and releases dopamine.

Fresh Air

Sitting outside and breathing in the fresh air will make your feel better.

The end product

When you see your grown flowers, vegetables, or fruit you feel proud of the results. If you naturally grow fruits and vegetables they are healthier and fresher. You also have to spend less money if you are getting your food from your backyard.

Last year all my neighbors were outside gardening and it was great seeing that and joining in the fun. Being in the pandemic can be stressful and gardening is one thing that you can make your hobby to make it a little bit easier to get through these times. There is research behind the benefits of gardening and I am very excited to garden this spring.

Make gardening your spring pandemic hobby!


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