get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone and dream big


Elephants are chained at night so when they wake up in the morning they have a barrier in their head that they can’t go far. This limits the elephant’s spread and is part of their training. You might have built barriers that don’t allow you to get out of your comfort zone.

Just like that, we as humans put barriers in our head that we can’t do that. We try to limit our dreams to as small as possible.

Like I took the first job I got and just stayed there because I thought that was all I was good at. That I couldn’t do better. That I was just meant for 9-5 and just needed to stick there. I was even scared of dreaming of being an entrepreneur. Scared of even manifesting a big dream because what’s the point of something that can’t true. And that is where we are wrong.

We need to dream big to achieve big. We can get there but we need to get out of our comfort zone break those barriers that we have built.

Bambi and the Iron Curtain

Red Deer that lived in old West Germany and the Czech Republic before the berlin wall was built would roam around freely between the two areas. When the electric fence was built on the Czech-German boundary the shocks stopped deer from crossing and a lot of deer died.

Years later now deer still don’t freely move between the two areas. The electrified fences have been removed but the deer have mapped out in their brain that they can not go there.

Even though the resources on the other side might be better for them they are not willing to try it out. These are not the same deer that lived when the electric fences was there as deer only live 15 years. But they have grown up with a map in their head that there is a limit to where they can go. This is what was taught to them by their mother.

Just like that, we as humans create this in our heads. There might be better resources at the end of our comfort zone but we stay where it is easier. And we continue staying there because it is comfortable. Not realizing that there is something better out there for us.

What is something you have been avoiding to dream about? Have you been telling yourself you can’t do that? We need to change our mindset! Everything takes time and learning but we can get there.

Change your inner voice and manifest the big dreams because nothing is out of your reach.

Dream Big

If we don’t try we will never know. So think of what your dream really is. Change the self-talk you have been giving yourself that tells you are not good enough to dream. Instead, tell yourself you need to try and see what is out there.

Yeah, you might face failures but you have to get up again and try again. Imagine if J K Rowling hadn’t stepped up after her failures we wouldn’t have Harry Potter.

We have become focused on instant gratification that if something is taking the time we think it is not working out. The process is part of the fun and we need to give it time. Understand that we can learn the works and move forward and fulfil our dreams.

Remove that barrier, chain and fence you have created and DREAM BIG!


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