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GME stock – Ready for round 2 of the roller coaster ride

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The only theme park ride we are getting to go on currently is the GME one so why not join the board. What else is there to do in quarantine?

Today the GME stock went from $ 44.70 to $ 91.71. After markets closed was still soaring. It went up to 150 at 6:11 pm and is still going up.

The GME first round went up to the soaring $483 dollars. So lets see if our diamond hands and rocket wall street bets make it reach that amount again.

The stocks as usual needed to be halted just to add to our stress levels and excitement. Shares were halted once at 3:40 pm and then again 10 minutes later on February 24, 2021.

So why the frenzy again over GME?

My first instinct was obviously to check out the buzz on the Wallstreet bets reddit.  The new form of entertainment in the pandemic. It sure helped figuring out what the buzz was about.

Through a analysis of Reddit I found out that it is a mixture of the CFO resigning, the GME hearing and well Wallstreet bets back in action. They just needed an excuse for a second round for the game, GME stock has become.

On February 23rd 2021, Connan O’ Brien tweeted “ Okay guys, I finally caved and bought stock in the Gamestop. Wish me luck!

The CFO resigned and Gamestop is going to soon move to a technological transformation. Led by an activist investor Ryan Cohen.

Some Wallstreet bets don’t want to go to the moon anymore they want to go to Pluto now. They have refuelled for the ride and are ready!

DFV the legend on Wallstreet bets has also been buying shares estimated at 50k this week.

Is this just the beginning and is it going to go higher? We will have to wait till tomorrow to find out but the excitement on reddit it is super thrilling and everyone can’t wait.

February 25, 2021 is going to be an exciting day!


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