He cheated with me, will he cheat on me?


Did you guys start when he was cheating on his girlfriend for you? Do you feel like he will change for you and it will be different? Your love is different than it was with hers. That is what most people think about this but is that really true? Let’s discuss the topic he cheated with me, will he cheat on me?

Will he cheat on you?

Cheating might be something he now considers okay

When we do something once it creates a thought in our mind that is okay. Since you participated in the cheating as well he might think you are okay with it. If he had the ability to do it once to someone it becomes easier. When you cross a moral ground once it is easier to do it another time.

People can change but they have to do it for themselves

We have been watching movies from a young age where a girl meets a bad boy and changes him. That is not how it works in reality. Yeah, we might have loved Nathan changing Haley in One Tree Hill but in real life, change comes when you do it for yourself. He has to want to not be a player and commit to you completely.

There are guys that are proud of being players and proud of being cheaters. That to me is a red flag personally. If he is flaunting all that however much you are in love with him I am here to tell you is time to end that relationship.

Him cheating with you is a red flag if he could so easily break someone else’s trust why would he be able to keep yours?

I have seen people that have been in situations where the guy cheated with the girl and then a few months or years down the line he cheated on the new girl as well.

Why did he cheat?

Why did he feel the need to cheat? Yeah, situations can be different. I personally think it is not okay under any circumstances but I do know things can be grey and there is a difference in the reason. Now if it is just because he got bored then what makes you think he won’t get bored with you?

Look at the situation from the perspective of a friend

If someone is in the same situation as you what advice would you give them? Sometimes we get blinded by love and are willing to accept anything at the moment. But think about the long-term impact. Ask yourself what would you tell a friend if they are in this situation.

Emotional cheating versus physical cheating

There are different types of cheating as well. I have spoken to some guys and they think ongoing flirting and any sort of connection is okay as there isn’t any physical contact. They think sex is the real cheating. Girls on the other hand find emotional cheating more hurtful.

Cheating of any sort is cheating whether it is emotional or physical.


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