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He still talks to his ex – Should you be worried?


Most people have an ex and it depends on the situation whether you should be worried or not. There is a blurry line between being friends with your ex and not being over your ex. It can be worrisome to see your partner too attached to your ex. So let’s talk about whether you should be worried if he still talks to his ex.

He still talks to his ex and is that normal?

Is he hiding it from you?

People hide things when they feel guilty or know they are being shady. If he deletes her texts or in other ways hides it from you then there is probably an issue. Excuses like oh I didn’t want to hurt your feelings would be used. But at the end of the day there is no need to lie and if he is well something is up.

You can bring up the issue and talk about it and see what is going on. It doesn’t mean it is the end of you and him but it an issue you should address.

Is it constant

If all night all day you see him texting and calling his ex well that is just weird. So see the time if it isn’t often and they only meet because they are in the same friend group then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. However, if it is still on your mind you can bring it up. 

When did they break up with their ex?

If they broke up with the ex very short period before they got with you then they might not be over their ex. If it has been years and now they are friends then they are probably over each other.

Are they uncomfortably close?

If he is telling her every single thing about his life then it might be something to be careful about. Is he telling her things he doesn’t even feel comfortable telling you?

If she is rubbing the closeness in your face then she is probably someone that you should be worried about. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust your partner.  

Too close for comfort can also be things like being extremely touchy or acting like they are in a relationship even though they aren’t.

Talk it out

Communication is key to a successful relationship. There are always going to be hurdles and that’s what an ex is. It is a challenge that you can overcome together. If you communicate it is an issue and come up with a resolution together then you both can be on the same page. He isn’t going to know it is an issue for you unless you talk to him about it. 

But don’t turn a completely blind eye to this. If you are feeling uncomfortable about it then it is probably for a reason. Trust your gut feeling. 

If you need to talk it out with a friend first then do that. Every situation is different and you are the one that knows the situation best.

Here are questions you can ask yourself if he still talks to his ex 

  1. Would you be okay talking to an ex?
  2. Is the situation with your partner’s ex making you uncomfortable
  3. Is he hiding it from you?
  4. Is he overly close to her
  5. Is it time to talk to him about it?

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