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Health Benefits of Garlic that you didn’t know about

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When I think of garlic I think of garlic mayo and fries and how yummy they are. Garlic is my favourite spice apart from its smell I love it. If you are a garlic fan like me then there is good news for you. There are amazing health benefits of Garlic. South-East-Asians add garlic into everything and it is delicious but the reason is probably because of the benefits.

So let us dive right into the benefits:

Garlic decreases cholesterol 

Reduces risk of heart disease 

Garlic helps improve your immune system. It helps you fight cold and flus and decrease the time you have them.

Increases your athletic ability so you can exercise for longer without feeling fatigued. 

Improves your memory as it contains an antioxidant

Apparently, fresh garlic can be put on acne to get rid of it. But don’t put too much and if you have sensitive skin consult your doctor. I have not tried this myself so I would recommend trying on a small patch.

Reduces blood pressure

Garlic anti-inflammatory benefits (rub garlic oil on your muscles and joints). Again try on a small patch just to make sure there are no reactions. And shower after because garlic tastes great but smelling like garlic is probably not great.

Garlic can be used for ear pain. Read this article to understand how to use garlic for ear pains.

Make garlic water and soak your foot if you have an athlete’s foot. 

Drinking garlic water is also good as a detox drink. Just boil water on the stove and put garlic. You can then add honey as well. Add this to your morning routine.

Garlic is low in calories and has so many benefits. It is definitely something you should add to your daily diet. Instead of using garlic paste get actual garlic cloves. Fresh garlic tastes better and is better for you. 

I like to chop garlic, heat oil let it cook for a bit and then add some mushrooms and salt. This gives you some delicious garlic mushrooms! I eat with french bread on the side.

Before using garlic for any diseases or your skin confirm with your doctor.

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