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5 healthy snacks to help you get through the work day

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Now that we work from home we can control what we eat and when we eat it. We have full access to our fridge and all our groceries. So, plan smart and prepare healthy snacks for yourself throughout the day. This will increase your productivity and help you refrain from binge eating unhealthy snacks.

I am guilty of just getting hungry and going straight for the nearest carb. Because well that gives me energy fast. But if you plan smart and eat healthy snacks throughout that won’t happen.

Healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. There are some delicious healthy snacks out there. And it doesn’t even take long to prepare healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks to eat:

Kale chips

Healthy snacks

Sprinkle olive oil and salt on Kale and put it in the oven. Wait for it to become crispy and then take it out. Preheat oven at 350 degrees Farhaneit. And put it in for 10-15 minutes. Let the edges become a little brown but don’t let them get burnt. Kale chips are the perfect crispy snack. Who needs a bag of chips when you got this to munch on?

Candied grapes

Freeze grapes and they taste like candy. This is great for when you are looking for something sweet to eat.

Sweet potato

Yeah, sweet potato fries are great but you know what else is great boiled sweet potato. Boil the sweet potato, peel it and then cut it into pieces. Put cayenne pepper and salt on the sweet potato to spice it up. Sweet potato is just delicious!

Skinny pop

Have you tried skinny pop? It is amazing! Have either just the salted or the one that has black pepper they both are great. You can even just make popcorn at home with cornels instead of buying the buttery popcorn. I could eat popcorn all day!  3 3/4 cups are 150 calories.


Pistachios, almonds, cashew, walnut, or a mix. Have them at your desk so you can eat them whenever you feel hungry.

Wrap Up healthy snacks

I like eating a little bit every hour. It also gives me an excuse to get off my desk and get that break I need.

Comment below and let us know what your go-to healthy snack is?


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