Natural Homemade Face Moisturizer


Looking to moisturize your face but don’t want to spend a ton on expensive face cream? Do you want something natural not filled with preservatives and items you can’t even pronounce? Well, you have come to right the place to get some ideas for food for your face aka natural homemade face moisturizer.

I’ve tried and tested all these ingredients and they have left my face feeling smooth and the glow can’t be found from anything else.

Homemade Face Moisturizer Ideas:


Yes, you heard me right. Avocado is very moisturizing for the face. It’s okay to even use the ones that are overripe and you do not want to eat them. I usually use most of the avocado to eat and the left over attached to the skin I keep for my face. Put it on for around 5 minutes and then wash it off. I get some tasty avocado toast and moisturized skin. It’s a win-win situation.

The natural oils from the avocado enter into our skin and soften and hydrate it. It helps your skin repair from damage. It works splendidly on my dry skin.

Honey with water

Take a teaspoon of honey and put it in some water. After mixing put it on your face. Keep it on for a few minutes and wash it off. Your skin will be glowing.


Take a cotton ball and dip it in milk and clean your face then wash your face. Milk is a natural cleanser and moisturizing as well.

Aloe Vera 

Do you get white spots on your face from the sun? When I was a child I would get white spots all over my face and I did not know what to do. Until I found out the benefits of natural Aloe Vera. It was a lifesaver for me. Buy a plant cut some part out and use it for your face. It will heal your skin completely. You can also buy it at the store in  a bottle. Make sure to buy the one that has the highest percentage of Aloe Vera.

Coconut oil

Take a cotton pad and use coconut oil remove make up of your face. Coconut oil is a good way to remove bacteria. It will leave your face feeling moisturized as well.

Wrap Up

Try the ingredient on a small portion of your hand before to test it out to make sure it does not react to your skin. If your skin is sensitive talk to a dermatologist before deciding what will work for you. I have dry skin and these ingredients work for me but each skin type can be different.

Comment below and let us know which homemade face moisturizer was your favourite. Looking for other self care ideas check out our blog. Moisturizing your skin can be part of your morning routine.


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