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5 best housewarming gifts that your friend will love

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Did your friend just move into a place and you want to get something special but useful? This list will provide exactly that. Things people need in their life that would make great housewarming gifts, wedding presents or if it is your friend’s birthday present. Thinking of gifts is hard so let this list make your life easy.

Housewarming Gifts:


Everyone loves a good cup of coffee in the morning. Now with work from home people don’t want to go out and pick up their coffee they want it at the convenience of their home. Give your friend just that buy them a machine. Nespresso machines cost around $200 but at discount, you can get a machine for $100 with some tasting pods. Add an Aeroccino to the mix for your friend if they like frothed milk. 

Instant pot

People want to make fancy dishes but don’t have the time that’s exactly where the instant pot comes in. You can make those slow-cooked dishes in less time and more efficiently. Buy it for a house warming present and you will be helping your friend out

There are lots of recipes for Instant Pots online

Air fryer

Is your friend health cautious but still loves indulging in fries. This is the perfect present for them. It allows you to air fry anything frozen that is meant to be fried. Frozen fries have oil in them already and the air fryer uses this oil to make the fries. They taste delicious and you don’t have to feel guilty about the amount of oil. 

Popcorn machines

 With cinemas being closed and Netflix and chill being the new thing. Your friend would love an addition to his/her movie experience. Get them a popcorn machine and they’ll have a cinema experience whenever. You can even go over to watch a movie and reap the benefits 😉

Blue tooth speakers

Either buy a set of bose speakers or amazon echo speakers (so you can have the benefits of Alexa as well). Your friend will love you for providing them a way to listen to music all the time.

Wrap Up for Housewarming Gifts

Any of the items on this list would be a great addition to a home. Making the experience of moving into a new house even more special. 


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