How to achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals by starting today


When the New Year comes we all make resolutions and come February most of us have given up? So why do we give up on our resolutions so fast?

It Is because we took on too much. We set unattainable goals. We want to start 10 things at the same time. Go to the gym every day, go on a diet, get the best job and improve ourselves. These goals are usually too many, vague, broad, and have no time frames.

Ways to Achieve Goals:

Start small

If you want to achieve something start small. You want to start exercise say I will exercise on the elliptical for 30 minutes twice a week. You are being specific and the goal is attainable so you won’t give up.

Each time you try to achieve something you are using your willpower to achieve the goals. You will have less energy for the rest of the goals and will end up giving up. That is why in a diet when you try restricting too much you end up binge eating. Your willpower is high when you are resisting that cookie, you are still doing well when you resist the carbs at lunch but when the night comes you have less energy(will power) to resist what you are offered. 

So be smart and start small. 

Don’t wait for Monday or 1st of January

We try to keep all our goals for January and Monday. Then we pile them all together. You don’t have to wait for Monday to start your goals the best time is to start now. There is no need for waiting that is just an excuse we give ourselves.

Take action now and that action will feel good and motivate you to take more action.

Know the why for your goal?

If you want to lose weight know why you want to lose weight. It could be because you think it will help you feel good and be confident. It could be because you are worried about your health. If you know why you want it that will help you. It is easier to focus if you know why you are trying to achieve something. It will give you the push you need.

Be Specific about your goal

If your goal is to be happy that’s very ambiguous and not specific enough to tell you what you need to do to achieve that goal. To achieve a goal, you need to break it down into exactly what you want. Try to include a who, what, when where why approach to your goals. This will help you understand the action you need to take to achieve the goals. 


Celebrate the small achievements you set for yourself. It will help you keep going through. If your goal is to get a promotion when your boss compliments you celebrate it. Enjoy the process and the route to achieving your goals.

Track your progress

If you track your progress you will know the improvements you are making. This will motivate you to keep going on. It will give you that push that is needed to get to the finish line. 

Take breaks 

Achieving goals takes willpower and if you push yourself too hard you might give up. So take breaks to rebuild your willpower. If you are on a diet take a cheat date. If you are trying to exercise give yourself recovery days.

Be accountable 

Let your friends and family in on your goals so you feel accountable for achieving them. Accountability can be a motivator.

Write down your goals in a place you can see them 

This will remind you and motivate you every day. Keep the written goals in a place you can see them.

Make it a habit and then a lifestyle

 It takes 14-21 days to make it a habit. So start with a small goal and keep going for 21 days until it becomes a habit. If you manage to achieve it for 90 days it becomes part of your lifestyle. 

Wrap Up

So start now on your goals instead of waiting for that beginning of the week, month on year. You will thank yourself later for taking action now!

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