How to deal with daylight savings

How to deal with daylight savings and boost your mood


We are back at the time of the year where the clock has changed and it is dark super early. It can get sad super fast with the cold and it being dark. One of the bad parts about living in places like the East Coast.

You get done with work and BAM it is pitch dark. There isn’t any time to enjoy the light if you are indoors all day and that is why you have to make time. That is why we are bringing you tips and tricks on how to deal with daylight savings.

How to deal with daylight savings:

Wake up at Sunrise

Now that the sun is setting earlier you should make your bedtime earlier and wake up earlier. This way you can be awake for maximum sun time. Sunrise in Toronto now is at 7:05 so aim to wake up at 7:30. Set up a morning routine so you aren’t starting work as soon as you wake up. This will improve your mood which might have been impacted by the early darkness.

Go out of the house in your lunch break

When you are working from home you can get caught up in the cycle of never leaving the house. You need to get sunlight in order to boost your mood and stay healthy. So make a conscious effort in your lunch time to go outside. Try to sit next to a window and work. Make sure during the day all your curtains are open and light is entering your house.

Bulbs that mimic natural lights

There are lights that act like sunlight so try to have them in your house. You want dim lights at night time so you can fall asleep earlier.


The impact exercise has on your body is unbelievable. Our bodies need movement. We have gone from being hunters and gathers to sitting on our desks all day. Our bodies have not adjusted to that all day so we have to make that effort to do some exercise. I can be having the worst day ever where I am super tired and then I get on the mat and do some jumps and my energy levels boost. It can be hard getting into the routine of exercise. So set a goal for yourself 3 days a week exercise for 30 days and slowly increase it. You will be happy with the result it has in your mood.

Change your work hours

Work 7-3 instead of 9-5 and you will get more time to be outside in the sun. Winter is a tough time for everyone so you have to adjust your schedule to not fall into a funk. It is hard at first waking up so early but once you get into it there are lots of benefits of working early. One of them of being that after work you get to enjoy so many hours of FREEDOM.

Longer days are coming

December 21st is the shortest day and it isn’t far which means that the day will start increasing and we will feel better. We just have to get past this short period. We can do this together! During this period where the days are extra short you have to put in more effort to get in that sunlight.

Enjoy Christmas

It is past November 1st and is officially the holiday season. Get into the spirit because it will allow you to counteract the bad things that the winter season brings. Put up some lights outside and plan an activity every week related to Christmas. If you are listening to Christmas songs then you are fighting that winter sadness from kicking in.

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