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how to fall asleep fast?


Is the winter snow, 5 pm darkness, Corona lockdown and work from home stressing you out? End your day off right so you can go to sleep faster. This routine will help decrease the time it takes you to actually fall asleep

5 things to do before you go to sleep:

Make some chamomile tea or hot lemon water

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot cup of chamomile tea before going to bed. It relaxes your muscles and calms you down. I drink Twining’s chamomile tea everyday before bed. If you have been having caffeinated tea after 5 pm it is probably effecting your sleep so make the switch to chamomile tea and improve your sleep.


Clean your face with some face wash and put some night cream. Your night moisturizing routine does not have to be complicated but it’s relaxing to add routines and who doesn’t want to wake up with skin that is as soft as a baby?I like to use the body shop drops of youth night cream.

Stretch or Mediate

Put on either a headspace audio, YouTube video or be creative. Taking out just 5 minutes and doing a child pose can really improve your sleep. Start with a shorter time and build it up.

Warm Bath

Prepare a warm bath before you go to sleep. Add a cup of Epsom and some lavender oil to relax your muscles. Light up some candles and put on your diffuser to add the ambience of your washroom. Don’t forget the bubble bath who doesn’t love some bubbles to play with. Hydrate before the bath to avoid dehydration.


1 hour before you go to sleep stop using your cellphone and watching tv. This will improve the quality of your sleep significantly. Try it for one night and you will see the magic.

Wrap Up

I have added these to my night routine and oh my the difference it has made to my sleep. Before I was waking up and checking my phone now I sleep through the night. Comment below if you have tried the routine and it has helped with your sleep.

Add these to your night routine and it is sure to be a game changer. Everyone deserves to relax before they go to sleep. Your night routine does not have to be anything complicated. Simple is the key.

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