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How to find your passion in your job


Have you ever thought about finding a career you are passionate about? Working at a place day in and day out where you are getting no joy is hard. Imagine 9-5 every day until you retire without any passion? Let us help you discover how to find your passion so you can enjoy your work. 

Yeah, it might seem like an urban myth when you are working a crappy job but it is possible.

How to find your passion? 

Working at a place you dislike takes a toll on your body. We will provide you with tools to try to figure out what your passion is so you can make the right career choice. It can be working in an office or being an entrepreneur. You don’t have to hate your job and your job doesn’t have to be just for money.

Think about every year of your life and the best rememberable memories you have from that year. You can start from the age you can remember and go through every age.

From all the memories write down what passion you were showing for example if you were explaining someone a math problem and it made you happy that is a passion for teaching. If you went to a museum and really enjoyed it that shows an interest in history. One activity can reveal more than one passion.

Take a pen and paper put down Age 5 and top 3 memories and reflect on what passion that memory is showing. Then move onto age 6 and keep going until you are at your current age. Can’t think of a memory for a certain age skip it.

Try to cover as many ages as possible. The activity can take time but be patient and continue. 


For example, I will start with age 21 but when you complete the exercise yourself start at a younger age.

At Age 21 I helped my friends with exams and their courses. This brought joy to my life and a smile on my face.

At age 25 I travelled to Costa Rica, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, and Thailand.

At age 26 I became a coach at work and helped other people giving them advice about procedures. I developed procedures as well. Every time I overcame a challenge to come with a procedure it made me happy. Every time someone learned something from me it made me happy.

Throughout these years I have helped my friends with their problems. Helping them problem solve and just listening to them.

From this, you can see my passion is helping people, teaching, and travelling. This brought me to the realization that I should be a Life Coach and blogger.

I can listen to people, coach them, give advice, and travel whenever I want with this career.

Wrap Up for How to find your passion

Do this exercise based on your own life and discover your passion and then try to achieve it. Until we don’t know what we actually like we can’t start looking for jobs in that field.

Once you discover your passion don’t expect to achieve it just tomorrow. Working on your passion takes time, effort, and patience just like any other goal.

Start today and the future you will thank you.


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