Find out how to get rid of headaches naturally


Getting a headache is your body signaling something is going wrong. It is often hard to pinpoint what is causing the headache. Let’s talk about ways to figure out what could be the cause of the headache and how to get rid of headaches naturally.

Your first action should be going to the doctor if you are getting headaches often. Depending on our age, severity, and offenses of headaches it could be a concern and for that, it is always better to go find out from a doctor instead of diagnosing yourself online.

I did go to the doctor and was told to have Tylenol whenever needed. I personally, don’t like having Tylenol that often. It is given for everything and it is more to get rid of symptoms than find out the root cause.

The way you can figure out the root cause is by trying out different things.

How to get rid of headaches 

Are you drinking enough water?

I didn’t drink enough water just 2 glasses a day and then other sorts of beverages. Being dehydrated all the time can cause headaches. Be sure to be hydrated all day by having 8 glasses of water (or more depending on your weight and height). I keep a 1.5-liter bottle next to me at all times so that I get a good amount of water in me throughout the day. Are you working from home? If you are I would recommend that to you as well. 

Sun exposure?

Direct exposure to the sun for too long can cause headaches. Try wearing a hat/cap. Don’t stay directly in the sun for too long and drink lots of water

Grinding your teeth

Do you grind your teeth when sleeping? It is hard to notice if you grind your teeth in your sleep. Ask your dentist if they think you do. As if you grind your teeth very often your teeth lose their curvature and straight from the top. I noticed I clench in my sleep because whenever I woke up I had a clenched jaw. I also sometimes dig my nails into my palm and clench my hand. This can happen from stress. Getting a night guard can help you with headaches. You should find a way to deal with your stress as well. Sometimes, you can tell whether you need a night guard by touching your jaw and seeing if there is tension there.

If stress if your issue some self care might help you.

Stomach problems

Your body is all connected. A problem in one area can show up in another. If you are eating unhealthy food or something that you are intolerant to it can cause headaches. Notice if every time you have a headache you have a stomach ache, gas, or bloating. Having mint can help ease the stomach or gas tablets. 

For me, I find coconut curry heavy. So when I have that I often get headaches. Even having super spicy food can upset my stomach and cause headaches.

So every time you get a headache notice what you ate before it. Is it always the same food?

Decrease screen time

Go out and enjoy yourself. The virtual world means everything is online our courses, work, and conversations. Then after that, we binge-watch Netflix. That is a lot of TV time. So cut a bit out and enjoy the summer outside.

Get your eyesight checked

From a lot of screen time your number could have changed. Get an eye test and find out

Ways of getting rid of headaches that don’t involve Tylenol

Don’t want to have Tylenol every time? Instead, put some Tiger balm on your head. Get aromatherapy oils that are good for headaches. Sage has some great ones. The headache will come back but you will be relieved for a while naturally. 

Give yourself a head massage with some oil. Even massaging your neck and shoulder can release tension and get rid of headaches.

Having mint can help ease your stomach if that is the issue.

Having lemonade can help you get hydrated faster if the headache is due to you drinking less water.



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