How to have a Budget Friendly Wedding in Pakistan

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It baffles me how much people in Pakistan spend on weddings. Money, that could instead be invested into a house that could benefit you for an entire lifetime instead of a day. You could invest that into a fund that gives you a 10 percent fund. Go put some money down in DHA city or something! Start a business that could give you money for a lifetime. 

Thousands of people are invited to weddings. How can seeing thousands of people even be fun for anyone? It sounds more like a circus parade than something a bride and groom can actually enjoy instead of taking pictures all night. Of course, everyone has their own opinions and there are some brides and grooms that do enjoy this. If however, you are looking for an alternative cheaper wedding where you can feel intimate we have some ideas on how you can make that happen.

The pandemic gave people a chance to get the feel of the intimate wedding. That there are options available apart from the wedding that your parents have had to save a lifetime for. Let’s talk about how you can create that.

Budget Friendly Ideas

Cut the wedding list short

You don’t have to invite everyone you have ever spoken to. Talk to your parents and let them know how you feel about the wedding guest list. Parents are trying to cover everyone whose wedding you have been to and that makes sense in a way but do they need to be invited to every event? Have one large event where you invite the people you have to. Even that does not have to be a thousand people long. You can still use the excuse of the pandemic if you aren’t ready to start a trend of intimate weddings on its own. We believe a wedding that is more than 200 people is just a circus. 

Have you spoken to the person in the last 2 years? If not why are they making your wedding list?

Choose a free venue

There probably is a friend or relatives whose space you can rent. Instead, of spending money on rent you can then buy them a nice present. If you or a family member are a member of a club take advantage of that and have the wedding there this will save you money on the rent for one night. Everything adds up so where you can save money do that.

Makeup for Budget Friendly Wedding in Pakistan

Yes, Bina Khan, Shamain, etc are the ones that come to your mind when you want to get your makeup done. But they are also pricey. Karachi is a city full of Free Lance Make-Up artists that do bridal makeup for a decent price and the results are amazing. The only thing you won’t get to do is the name-dropping that I want to this big-shot makeup artist. You can instead probably actually get a trial as well and makeup on the real day and still be at 25 percent of the cost. 

Check out some Freelance artists that are killing it. They come to your house and do everything from makeup, hair to putting on dupattas. Call them over for a trial for another event so you can get used to their way and feel comfortable. They understand the make-up and aren’t just trying to make you fair. 



Skip the big brands for clothes 

Yes, we all have heard of Bunto and Dr. Haroon but is spending 15-30 lakhs on a one-day outfit really worth it? These designers have been there for a long time giving everyone the same look don’t you want to opt for something that makes you unique (shows your personality). Go for a smaller brand that has recently been developed in the last 1-5 years and has reasonable prices they have bridal lines as well. Go for something that isn’t even considered a bridal and is just a heavy outfit and you will get the discount you need. You can get an outfit for less than a lakh if you try. I am not talking about some outfit that you won’t feel like a bride in. A good outfit that is bridal can come in this amount just don’t go to the big designers. Let the designer know your budget and ask them if they can decrease the work somehow. 

Affordable Pakistani Bridal Designers 


Pakistan has very nice flowers that are grown locally you don’t need to go for imported flowers. You know at most weddings the flowers are fake! Mix fake flowers with real ones to get the cost flowered. The fewer people you have the smaller the venue has to be and well you need flowers. Cutting out on the guest list can decrease costs by a lot. If you find a garden that has flowers then you will need to spend less on decorations. You can get away with just center pieces and lights. Go to Gizri and check out one of the flower shops and you will find a good deal for yourself. Ask the guy to show you some videos and pictures and you can select what you want. 

Skip on a big deal event manager 

You don’t need an event manager for every event. You can contact the flower person and the lights, guy, yourself too. For some people this might be a headache they don’t want to deal with but if you are willing on to take that or have a family member who can then contact the source themselves. Lights and flowers can be done within a lakh (or less) without any involvement for an event manager. 

Some food caters are event managers as well. For example, United Catering can do your wedding arrangements for you on a good deal. They show you pictures and you can choose. On the real day, you don’t have to be fussed about what to put up and what not they handle everything and the food is pretty good. 

Did someone say fake jewelry?

Pakistan is a country where you can’t even keep your real jewelry at home without fear is it really necessary to have this real wedding jewelry. I understand having gold as an investment and giving your daughter that but what is the real value when you are spending on jewelry that loses its value when bought? For your wedding day check out brands that have artificial jewelry that looks classy. Pewter Peal, Allure, Essfir, and Jaipur and Co. For one day’s wear do you want to spend 20 lakhs or do you want to spend 20,000 rs and call it a day?

Do you need a stage? 

When you imagine your wedding do you think of being pinned down to the seat with a heavy dupatta on your head? If you don’t then why not skip on the stage and roam around at your wedding. This can save you a lot of money. Stages require a lot of decoration which adds up the cost. Even your cost for the photographer can go up if you have a stage. You can have some sort of nicely decorated area where people can take pictures but don’t have a full setup for yourself and well you won’t have to be sitting all night long (this might take Pakistani people decades to reach where the bride doesn’t sit all night but well there is hope).

Combine Events

Choose the events you will have fun on and then keep those. You don’t need to do everything everyone has been doing for years. You can take control of your wedding and have fun. This is your special week!

The fear of people talking

Log Kya Kahenge is the main reason that people are spending so much on weddings (especially those that can not afford it). But think about do you really want people there on your big day that are just there to talk crap about you? Think about that for a second and then decide who you want there. Those uplifting you with good energy or the ones talking behind your back?

Wrap Up for Budget Friendly wedding in Pakistan

Just because you are spending less doesn’t mean your wedding won’t be elegant. These are ideas to cut costs but keep the wedding amazing. Your marriage is about more than just that one week. Keeping up with the Jones might feel good for one week but what happens when that week ends? 

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