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How to improve your self esteem through compassion


We live in a time when we can see a glimpse of everyone’s best-represented life. Instagram, Tiktok, and all other forms of media show us the best of everyone’s life. We compare our normal life to their best life and this decreases our self esteem and self worth. Then we see pictures of everyone filtered and we think that is what the average human being looks like. We as humans probably currently have the lowest self esteem. But there are ways to work on improving them and increasing your self worth. Let’s discuss how to improve your self esteem.

How to improve your self esteem

Stop comparing yourself

The first thing we need to do is realize that social media is not real. On Instagram, I only put pictures up when I am doing something cool I don’t put my normal life up. This makes it looks like I am always on an adventure and travelling but that is not true. That is probably 5 percent of my life.

If you are constantly comparing yourself to someone else you will always fall short. Compare yourself to your older self. See how far you have come long and appreciate that.

Follow Instagram accounts that showcase reality and real self images.

Talk to yourself like your best friend

Notice the way you talk to yourself. Some of us are really harsh on ourselves. If for example if you got rejected for a job you might think you are not capable enough not good enough. Same as if you get rejected by a guy. Now imagine your best friend telling you they got rejected for a job. What would you say to them? Show yourself the compassion you would your best friend and change your inner self talk. That is the way to increase your self esteem.

Write an essay in the third person about your accomplishments, dislikes, and how you think others perceive you. Talk about yourself and then what you care about.

  • What do you focus on?
  • Notice the language you use
  • What is something you mention a lot about?
  • Now think if your child or best friend told you all this how would you change the wording to be more compassionate.

Track your negative thoughts

Write down the negative thoughts you have today throughout the day in a journal. Then change them to positive thoughts and write them down. Next time you have a negative thought redirect it to a positive. For example, if you think I am stupid you can change the thought to the task was hard and I am up for the challenge. If you say I can’t do that change the thought to with practice and effort I will get there.

We have been using negative thoughts for so long that our brain is wired like that but the good news is with changing our inner self talk we can change the rewiring of our brain.

Challenge your thoughts

If you think you are stupid is there evidence against that. I am sure there is think about that.

Throughout the progress of being self compassionate, you will make mistakes. It will take long as it is a process. But keep practicing and you will get there. Give yourself time.




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