How to make chamomile tea so you can relax


Chamomile tea has a lot of benefits. It helps you have a relaxed sleep at night. It calms your nerves when you need a stress reliever. If you want to have herbal tea at night but don’t want any caffeine this is the perfect tea for you.

I personally avoid drinking caffeinated teas after 6 pm since it keeps me up at night. But I do like enjoying a hot cup of tea after dinner and chamomile tea is what I would recommend.


Chamomile tea reduces menstrual pains, lowers blood sugar, reduces inflammation, reduces cold symptoms and is amazing for your skin as well. I could go on with the list of benefits but I will get to the good part of how to actually make the tea.


If you want you can just use a tea bag like a Twining tea bag. But to get the perfect chamomile tea you need chamomile flowers.

So take a tablespoon of chamomile flowers (you can easily buy this at any grocery store). Put it in a cup of boiling water. Let the flowers remain in the water for a few minutes so the tea can steep.

Then you need to take a strainer and take out the flowers. You can also use a tea infuser and put the flowers in that if you wish. This might make the tea strong so take the tea infuser out after 5 minutes. Drink the tea while it’s hot and at night.

Wrap Up

If you aren’t a tea drinker but you want to reap the benefits of chamomile you can also make a chamomile tea bath.

I was not a tea drinker but now I have a cup before bed every day. It has improved my sleep. I would recommend having a glass of water with it as it can be a bit dehydrating. After a night of sleep after drinking chamomile tea, I wake up refreshed.


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