How to make exercise more fun for yourself


With gyms being closed and exercising at home it has become hard to motivate myself and exercise. Well if you are in the same boat here are some suggestions 

Watch and follow Youtube video classes 

There are so many different free exercise classes on Youtube. There is something for everyone. Whether you like doing yoga, Pilates, barre, kickboxing, weights, HIIT, bands or cardio workouts you can find them online. Some of my favourite YouTube exercise videos are fitness blender, Trainer Kaitlin, Popsugar and Holly Dolke. Just search on Youtube the type of exercise you want to do and 30-40 minutes videos will come up. Just follow and have fun. The classes are completely free and there are tons of options.

Count your steps 

With work from home, we tend not to move around. Make it more motivating for yourself by tracking yourself. Try to compete with your friends and family to make it more challenging and fun. This will add accountability as well and keep you interested. There are fitness apps you can download on your phone or you can get a cheap version of a Fitbit. If you have an apple watch you can track your steps on that.

Couch to 5k 

Ever wanted to run a marathon. Well, you have to start somewhere and today is the perfect day to start. Try downloading the Couch to 5k app to  prepare yourself. It can be a fun exercise to do. Make someone else complete the challenge with you to add some accountability and fun. When we can run marathons again you will be ready. The app allows you to improve slowly and get to the goal you want.

Dance to exercise 

Dance around it’s the best fun way to exercise. Watch a Youtube video and copy it or just put on your favourite song and start dancing. You will be entertained and exercising at the same time. It won’t even feel like a workout but you will be getting your cardio in. 

Buy a punching bag to exercise 

Punching makes you lose a lot of calories and is fun. You can take out your day’s stress by punching. It feels really good when you punch a Bob or a bag. Whether you are jabbing, crossing, uppercutting or doing hooks you will enjoy punching the bag.

Buy a cycle for under your desk 

For around 50 dollars you can get a peddling cycle to put under your desk and you can do this while working or watching your TV. It is basically multitasking all day long. You won’t even realize and an hour will go by. The choice is yours whether you want to cycle fast or slowly. Change the resistance as well.

Rock climbing

You can get a gym membership for rock climbing. The arm strength you get when you climb is great. It won’t even feel like a workout at all because you are having so much fun. Make this a once a week thing for yourself! Time will fly when you are rock climbing.

Wrap up

Exercising is hard to start but once you do it improves your mood by increasing dopamine. So start now and reap the rewards. Aim to exercise for 14 days and build a habit of exercising

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