How to move on from someone you never dated


Nowadays when it is more common in being in that in-between place where you are just talking it gets confusing how are you supposed to move on when you didn’t even get a chance to start. You become harsh on yourself and have thoughts like this is so stupid I shouldn’t be emotional about it. But it is okay to grieve a relationship that never even started. You can be sad about what could have been and what was even though it wasn’t a full-fledged relationship it was still something. Let’s get to talk about how to move on from someone you never dated.

Moving on from a person you never dated

Feel the feels

If you have been talking to someone for a while you get used to that. That good morning text they send you becomes part of your routine. When it is gone you feel a bit sad and it is okay to feel those feels. There was a person in your life and they aren’t anymore you are allowed to get emotional about that. Take your time to acknowledge what happened. If you suppress everything it will come out in other ways so let yourself have the time you need.

For each person, the time they need will be different. If you need to have a day of ice cream and binge-watching Netflix it is okay. Cry it out feel those emotions don’t try to keep them in. What do you usually do in a break-up or when something changes? Don’t distract yourself and give yourself the time you need.

We get swayed and start planning a future and when that gets destroyed it can hurt. It is okay to be hurt. Be self-compassionate towards yourself and treat this journey as a grief period.

Give yourself the closure you need

Closure can be acknowledging it ended. If you need to say something to the other person for that you can say it. Don’t wait for the other person to respond to give yourself closure. Silence can sometimes be the closure you need.

I like to send a message in the ending to say my part so I feel a burden lifted off my shoulder and I can see it as an end.

Part of closure is accepting that it isn’t just the timing that made it not work. I have been there done that. I liked a guy and it didn’t work out and I kept thinking it was circumstantial. If we met when things were different for him we could have been something. But the truth is if something is meant to work it works even if the timing is crap. So, stop making excuses for why it didn’t work and it accept it wasn’t meant to be.

Give yourself time

Don’t try to rush the process and take the time you need. You don’t need to jump into something right after to distract yourself. I am guilty of doing that because I don’t want to feel the rejection or hurt I am on the dating app the next day finding someone else. But I realized doing that wasn’t allowing myself the time I needed to heal. So give yourself a few days. You can get back on the app after and be right back at it. But process the feelings first.

Wrap Up for how to move on from someone you never dated

The thing about something never starting is that you have this thought in your head is that it could have been great and you will never know. But the truth is you do know. There is a reason it didn’t happen. The Universe gives you what is best for you and this person wasn’t the right one. Someone else is out there that is better and will do good for you. So it is good you found out earlier about this person.

When I look back at every guy I have been with and it hasn’t worked out I am so grateful. I can now clearly see what was wrong and why it wouldn’t have worked. How I dodged a relationship that I wouldn’t have found satisfactory. You might not be able to see it now but years down you will look back and see that you were exactly where you were meant to be at this moment.

Something is better out there for you!

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