How to propose to your girlfriend


The moment you propose is special. The girl has been waiting her whole life for this moment. She wants it to be great and that is why you have to go that extra mile. It can be stressful planning a proposal but you have nothing to worry about because we have the best tips and recommendations on how to propose.

how to propose to your girlfriend

How to propose tips

Is it time?

First, you have to decide when will you propose. If you have been having a conversation about marriage and you feel the timing is right then you should go ahead and propose. Some religions have timings that are considered bad so if your partner is someone who is religious or superstitious make sure you pick the date based on that.

Ask marriage questions and discuss important matters before deciding to propose.

Where the proposal should be

Then you have to think of where you are going to do for the proposal. The best ideas are ones that have sentimental

So think of where did you first meet or where your first date was. Maybe that can be your inspiration for how to propose. You can propose at the first place you met.

If it was for example a park or the beach you can have your proposal set up there. On the other hand, if it was a restaurant then you can have it planned there.

The important thing is to think about what your girlfriend is like. Would she like something that is private and intimate or does she want it in front of everyone? For me personally, a restaurant would be too commercial and I would prefer something private.

Is there a vacation you both have been planning? That can be your proposal spot that way you don’t need to put so much into the setup because there are beautiful spots everywhere.

Things you can do

how to propose

If you are the adventurous type you can plan something you haven’t done before and propose there. For example, jet skiing,  scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins, sky diving. You can mix anything into a proposal.

Even a hike with a picnic set up on top would be a great idea.

You can go on a hot air balloon and have a marry me sign. You can get a flash mob if your partner is into dance and music.

Plan a scavenger hunt proposal with hints of all the places that are important in your relationship.

It all depends on what your partner is into. Does she want a show or a simple thing? Does she want her family present or not.

Talking to her best friend or sister can help you out with that. Make sure one of them knows when you are planning it. In case you want her to dress up then they can give hints. She can still be surprised though.

Pigeontalk suggestions for proposal

Pigeontalk believes in a simple yet elegant proposal. Therefore our top recommendation is a picnic in the park. Choose a spot that means something to you and is secluded. Have it set up

For 200-1000 dollars you can have the proposal set up. If you like setting up things yourself then you can do that as well.

If you live in Toronto you can use Picnicsinthe6ix. They have pictures of their customers and you can use that as inspiration.

We personally used Peaches.n.picnics. They were available and put in the effort.

If you type picnic on Instagram you will be sure to get a whole ton of picnic makers in your area.

What to say?

Now if you have prepared the proposal you have to figure out what to say. All eyes are on you or the important eyes of your partner are on you. It can get nerve-wracking to figure out the right thing to say. Keep it short and sweet.

Express your love. You can add why you can’t live without them. Why do you want to marry them? It can be something like ‘ You are the love of my life. I knew the moment you did … I want to spend the rest of my life with you doing….’

Try to make it personal to your situation by adding things you like about your partner and why you want to marry them.

Now what is left is how to pick the ring and we can help you out with that as well!

Now ready for the proposal yet but what to make your relationship stronger so you can get there? Check out our blog on how make the relationship stronger. 



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