How to show interest in a guy


Are you interested in a guy? Subtly want him to know that you like him but you are a bit shy? We have some tips on how to show interest in a guy. These tips can help you move to the next level.

It is honestly all about body language. A guy gets his cues more from your facial expression and your body language than they do from what you verbally say. So if you are shy it is okay you can make the movements non-verbally. They say actions speak louder than words and this is one of those cases where it is completely true.

How to show interest

Slightly touch

how to show interest

When you are talking laugh and touch his hand or arm. It doesn’t have to be full-on aggressive but it can be just moving your hand and touching while making a joke or smoothly brushing against him. If you are sitting across him you can just touch his hand (that might be a bold move so start with the laughing and touching)

Sitting closer

Sit on the same side of the sofa as him as close as you can without making it awkward. That proximity will give him all the hints. It also makes it easier to do the slight touching when you are closer.

Eye contact

how to show interest in a guy

Stare at him longer. Eye contact can be a game-changer. In a Psychology Interpersonal relationship class, I learned that it is the eye contact that makes a guy talk to you. If you are staring at every guy for a second but one guy for 10 seconds he will pick up on that. So it is a way of showcasing your interest. So glare into his eyes and make him fall in love.

Mimic his movement

When you mimic someone’s moment and imitate them they feel a connection to you. That can also be a way of showing interest. Try it out by just moving your hands in the way he moves his hands.


All of the above are non-verbal ways of flirting but you can also flirt. That will give him an obvious indicator that you are interested. It doesn’t have to be a fancy line just laughing and being nice can be good enough sometimes.

Wrap up for how to show interest in a guy

Don’t make disgusted faces and roll your eyes at him that will show that you aren’t interested. Don’t make subtle move backs when he moves closer to you. Remember non-verbal cues can work against you too. Of course, only do what you are comfortable with we all have to set our boundaries. But don’t go running a mile away from him and expect him to understand you are interested.

In all this most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process! Be yourself and everything will work out. Good luck, let the wooing begin! I believe that you have got this. Say it in the mirror you are confident enough to show him that you are interested.

Are you looking to find out if a guy is interested in you before making the move? We got you!

To shy to take action in person there is always texting. We have the best ways to keep the conversation going on text.



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